Dance (DANC)

DANC 500  - Selected Topics in Dance  (1 Credit)  
A series of courses, each lasting one-third of a semester. Topics and required courses are announced in the class schedule for each semester.
DANC 573  - Dancer's Workshop  (1 Credit)  
Individual advanced training in movement, improvisation, flexibility, and precision in dance styles including modern and ballet.
Prerequisites: graduate standing or three credits in dance.
DANC 577  - Dance Performance  (3 Credits)  
Rehearsal, choreographic analysis, and dance performance. All components of dance production--including music, costume, lighting, and scenery--will be considered.
Cross-listed course: PEDU 577
DANC 586  - The Articulate Body  (3 Credits)  
Theoretical and experimental exploration of the major body systems and development movements to bring more articulation to the body and more awareness and physical ease in performance.
Cross-listed course: THEA 586
DANC 599  - Special Topics in Dance  (3 Credits)  
Reading and research on selected topics. Course content varies and will be announced in the schedule of classes by title. May be repeated once as topics vary.
DANC 700  - Dance Literacy Foundations  (2 Credits)  
Development of dance literacy through exploration and application of Language of Dance and other Laban concepts in artistic, pedagogical, and scholarly contexts.
DANC 702  - Dance Literacy Applications  (1 Credit)  
Continued development of dance literacy through the application of Language of Dance and other Laban concepts to artistic, pedagogical, and/or scholarly contexts that will lead to earning the Foundations 1 certificate through the Language of Dance Center, USA.
Prerequisites: B or better in DANC 700.
DANC 705  - Global Dance Forms  (1 Credit)  
Kinesthetic study of global dance forms from various cultural, historical, and aesthetic contexts.
DANC 710  - Choreography: Creative Practice and Pedagogy  (3 Credits)  
An exploration of the choreographic practice as an individual artist, collaborator, and mentor.
DANC 715  - Functional Anatomy Foundations  (1 Credit)  
Part I of a two-part course. Functional anatomy of the human body, including skeletal and muscular systems, and applications to the moving body in a dance environment.
DANC 718  - Functional Anatomy Applied Practice  (2 Credits)  
Part II of a two-part course. Functional anatomy of the human body, including skeletal and muscular systems, and applications to the moving body in a dance environment.
Prerequisites: B or better in DANC 715.
DANC 720  - Analysis of Scholarly Literature in Dance  (3 Credits)  
An investigation of current and enduring philosophical, theoretical, and practical issues relevant to dance theory, practice, and pedagogy.
DANC 725  - Arts Policy, Advocacy, and Funding  (3 Credits)  
Study in the knowledge and skills needed to analyze arts/arts education policy in the United States, participate in arts advocacy, and write successful grants to procure funding.
DANC 730  - Neuroscience for Dance Teaching and Performance  (3 Credits)  
An investigation into the neuroscience of perception, movement, and cognition as they relate to and inform dance and dance education.
DANC 735  - Histories of Dance  (3 Credits)  
An exploration of theories and practices of world dance history and traditions in their cultural and historical period contexts; and as they influence current dance pedagogy and performance.
DANC 745  - Curriculum Design for Dance  (3 Credits)  
Study of various methods for curriculum design in dance for implementation in a variety of artistic and educational settings.
DANC 750  - Critical Issues in Dance Pedagogy  (3 Credits)  
An investigation of critical theory in dance education scholarship, its influence on pedagogical practices in dance, and how to implement them in teaching/learning dance.
Prerequisites: B or better in DANC 745.
DANC 776  - Production Design for Dance  (3 Credits)  
Technical theatre functions, the structure and purpose of production design and stage production as it relates to the entirety of dance and theatrical performance.
DANC 790  - Research Methods in Dance  (3 Credits)  
An investigation of qualitative, quantitative, and arts-based research methodologies used in scholarly, educational, and artistic research in dance.
DANC 795  - Dance Thesis Preparation  (1 Credit)  
An opportunity to conduct research, under faculty supervision, that will contribute to a culminating thesis project.
Prerequisites: B or better in DANC 790.
DANC 799  - Thesis Project in Dance  (3 Credits)  
An opportunity to develop and present a culminating research project in dance based on disciplinary and professional interests.
Prerequisites: B or better in DANC 790.