Dance (DANC)

DANC 500  - Selected Topics in Dance  (1 Credit)  
A series of courses, each lasting one-third of a semester. Topics and required courses are announced in the class schedule for each semester.
DANC 573  - Dancer's Workshop  (1 Credit)  
Individual advanced training in movement, improvisation, flexibility, and precision in dance styles including modern and ballet.
Prerequisites: graduate standing or three credits in dance.
DANC 577  - Dance Performance  (3 Credits)  
Rehearsal, choreographic analysis, and dance performance. All components of dance production--including music, costume, lighting, and scenery--will be considered.
Cross-listed course: PEDU 577
DANC 586  - The Articulate Body  (3 Credits)  
Theoretical and experimental exploration of the major body systems and development movements to bring more articulation to the body and more awareness and physical ease in performance.
Cross-listed course: THEA 586
DANC 599  - Special Topics in Dance  (3 Credits)  
Reading and research on selected topics. Course content varies and will be announced in the schedule of classes by title. May be repeated once as topics vary.