COSM - Prof Master of Sci Prog (COSM)

COSM 701  - Business and Legal Issues for Science Managers  (3 Credits)  
Survey of skills requisite for careers in domestic or international business: economics, finance, accounting, management, marketing, presentation skills, patent law, regulatory issues, other subjects for managers of science/technology-based businesses.
COSM 702  - Scientific and Technological Problems in Business and Industry  (3 Credits)  
Seminar course in problem solving, responding to cases with significant technical components, drawn from business/industry. Students analyze cases to propose solutions to problems, integrating the major activities of a technically oriented business.
COSM 790  - Internship in Science and Technology Based Business  (3 Credits)  
Internship in industry, government agency, or national laboratory. Internship experience culminates in oral and written reports on duties and projects. Internship must include a minimum of 150 hours of experience at the internship site.