Religious Studies (RELG)

RELG 551  - Tradition and Transformations in Islamic Cultures  (3 Credits)  
Islam as a dynamic cultural tradition: emphasis on the tension between Islamization and the larger Islamic tradition.
Cross-listed course: ANTH 515
Graduation with Leadership Distinction: GLD: Diversity and Social Advocacy, GLD: Global Learning
RELG 700  - Problems in the Comparative Study of Religion  (3 Credits)  
Introduction to formative thinkers in the discipline of religious studies, with attention to the methodological problems of comparison.
RELG 701  - Foundational Readings  (3 Credits)  
Foundational texts appropriate to the student's area of specialization and required for advanced course work and thesis preparation.
RELG 710  - The Christology of the New Testament  (3 Credits)  
Examination of the four major New Testament titles: Son of Man, Christ, Lord, and Son of God. Attention also given to some lesser-known titles and to Christology in context.
RELG 724  - Religion and Politics  (3 Credits)  
Religion as a factor in the comparative politics and international relations of states and societies.
Cross-listed course: POLI 724
RELG 740  - Israelite Religion  (3 Credits)  
Beliefs and practices in ancient Israelite religion, with particular attention to the emergence of monotheism. Comparison with other ancient Near Eastern religions.
RELG 760  - Religion and Literature  (3 Credits)  
Introduction to historical and contemporary approaches to the cross-disciplinary study of the inter-relations of the religious and the literary imaginations.
RELG 770  - Black Christianity in America  (3 Credits)  
Elements in the religion of the black slave in early America, the development of black churches and theological movements.
RELG 771  - Black and Liberation Theology  (3 Credits)  
Tenets, themes, and representative figures in black and liberation theology in the United States and in Central and South America.
RELG 772  - Nineteenth-Century American Evangelical Thought  (3 Credits)  
The diverse heritage of American evangelism, with special emphasis on its socio-political and theological origins in the late 18th and 19th centuries.
RELG 773  - Twentieth-Century Christology  (3 Credits)  
Various 20th-century christological perspectives, with special emphasis on the person and work of Jesus as bases for addressing life/death and hope/despair issues.
RELG 780  - World Spirituality  (3 Credits)  
An examination of the perennialist approach to the mystical and contemplative teachings of the major religious traditions.
RELG 789  - Seminar in Philosophical Theology  (3 Credits)  
Examination of contemporary problems in the philosophical foundations of religion.
RELG 792  - Special Topics in Texts and Traditions  (3 Credits)  
Topics related to the study of texts in the life of specific religious communities. Course content varies; individual topics will be announced.
RELG 793  - Special Topics in Theology and Religious Thought  (3 Credits)  
Topics related to the study of religious doctrines, cosmologies, spiritual practices, and ethics. Course content varies; individual topics will be announced.
RELG 794  - Special Topics in Religion and Society  (3 Credits)  
Topics examining religious institutions, practices, and experiences in relation to other cultural forms. Course content varies; individual topics will be announced.
RELG 797  - Independent Study  (3 Credits)  
CL: 2020.
RELG 799  - Thesis Preparation  (1-9 Credits)  
CL: 2020.