Religious Studies (RELG)

RELG 514  - The Quest of the Historical Jesus  (3 Credits)  

Examination of studies on the historical Jesus from 1778 to the present. Attention given to the relationship between "the Jesus of history" and "the Christ of faith".

RELG 551  - Tradition and Transformations in Islamic Cultures  (3 Credits)  

Islam as a dynamic cultural tradition: emphasis on the tension between Islamization and the larger Islamic tradition.

Cross-listed course: ANTH 515

Graduation with Leadership Distinction: GLD: Diversity and Social Advocacy, GLD: Global Learning

RELG 552  - Buddhist Studies Seminar  (3 Credits)  

The examination of a theme or problem central to the study of Buddhism in a seminar emphasizing intensive reading and creative discussion. Course may be repeated since topics change.

RELG 700  - Problems in the Comparative Study of Religion  (3 Credits)  

Introduction to formative thinkers in the discipline of religious studies, with attention to the methodological problems of comparison.

RELG 701  - Foundational Readings  (3 Credits)  

Foundational texts appropriate to the student's area of specialization and required for advanced course work and thesis preparation.

RELG 710  - The Christology of the New Testament  (3 Credits)  

Examination of the four major New Testament titles: Son of Man, Christ, Lord, and Son of God. Attention also given to some lesser-known titles and to Christology in context.

RELG 724  - Religion and Politics  (3 Credits)  

Religion as a factor in the comparative politics and international relations of states and societies.

Cross-listed course: POLI 724

RELG 740  - Israelite Religion  (3 Credits)  

Beliefs and practices in ancient Israelite religion, with particular attention to the emergence of monotheism. Comparison with other ancient Near Eastern religions.

RELG 760  - Religion and Literature  (3 Credits)  

Introduction to historical and contemporary approaches to the cross-disciplinary study of the inter-relations of the religious and the literary imaginations.

RELG 770  - Black Christianity in America  (3 Credits)  

Elements in the religion of the black slave in early America, the development of black churches and theological movements.

RELG 771  - Black and Liberation Theology  (3 Credits)  

Tenets, themes, and representative figures in black and liberation theology in the United States and in Central and South America.

RELG 772  - Nineteenth-Century American Evangelical Thought  (3 Credits)  

The diverse heritage of American evangelism, with special emphasis on its socio-political and theological origins in the late 18th and 19th centuries.

RELG 773  - Twentieth-Century Christology  (3 Credits)  

Various 20th-century christological perspectives, with special emphasis on the person and work of Jesus as bases for addressing life/death and hope/despair issues.

RELG 780  - World Spirituality  (3 Credits)  

An examination of the perennialist approach to the mystical and contemplative teachings of the major religious traditions.

RELG 789  - Seminar in Philosophical Theology  (3 Credits)  

Examination of contemporary problems in the philosophical foundations of religion.

RELG 792  - Special Topics in Texts and Traditions  (3 Credits)  

Topics related to the study of texts in the life of specific religious communities. Course content varies; individual topics will be announced.

RELG 793  - Special Topics in Theology and Religious Thought  (3 Credits)  

Topics related to the study of religious doctrines, cosmologies, spiritual practices, and ethics. Course content varies; individual topics will be announced.

RELG 794  - Special Topics in Religion and Society  (3 Credits)  

Topics examining religious institutions, practices, and experiences in relation to other cultural forms. Course content varies; individual topics will be announced.

RELG 797  - Independent Study  (3 Credits)  

CL: 2020.

RELG 799  - Thesis Preparation  (1-9 Credits)  

CL: 2020.