RHAB - Rehab Counseling (RHAB)

RHAB 540  - Assistive and Adaptive Technology  (3 Credits)  
The use of Assistive Technology as it relates to employment, education, communication, recreation, and mobility for individuals with disabiliities. Explores types of assistive technologies, functional assessments, and resources through hands-on application, lectures, and discussions.
RHAB 702  - Introduction to Rehabilitation Research and Assessment  (3 Credits)  
Foundations underlying research and assessment methodologies and their application to counseling. Research design, program evaluation, ethical principles in research, the scholarly research process, and statistical software packages.
RHAB 703  - Psychosocial Aspects of Disability  (3 Credits)  
Theory, research, and practice which contribute to an understanding of disability; attitudes, psychological, and social factors.
RHAB 704  - Ethics in Rehabilitation Counseling  (3 Credits)  
Examines contemporary ethical concerns and issues in rehabilitation counseling profession. The focus will be on attaining a level of applied ethical knowledge and awareness for master’s-level professionals.
RHAB 705  - Culture and Disability  (3 Credits)  
Concepts and procedures relating to disability and culture, covering relevant issues affecting racially and culturally diverse individuals with disabilities, as well as promoting sensitivity and competence.
RHAB 710  - Medical Aspects of Rehabilitation  (3 Credits)  
This course is concerned with imparting medical terminology, the muscular, skeletal, and neurological systems, and common diagnostic categories encountered in rehabilitation counseling. Understanding and utilization of symptomology, treatment, and other management aspects of physical medicine are emphasized. The major outcome is directed toward developing the counselor’s ability to interpret medical information meaningfully to a plan of action for the client’s rehabilitation.
Prerequisites: RHAB 570.
RHAB 711  - Rehabilitation Counseling Practice II  (3 Credits)  
Individual counseling theory and technique applied to persons with a disability (emotional, psychosocial, mental, and physical) and disadvantaged persons.
Prerequisites: RCON 601.
RHAB 712  - Occupational Analysis and Placement in Rehabilitation  (3 Credits)  
Sequential set of opportunities to acquire and apply knowledge, skills, and insights pertaining to the employment of persons with disabilities.
Prerequisites: RCON 700, RCON 702.
RHAB 713  - Career Development and Counseling in Rehabilitation  (3 Credits)  
Career development theories and their relevance to persons with disabilities. Identification of values, interests, abilities, and methods for obtaining, organizing, and utilizing career information to enable career success.
RHAB 714  - Rehabilitation Assessment  (3 Credits)  
Vocational assessment instruments, methods, materials, and interpretation are applied to a variety of rehabilitation clients. Concepts, skill development, and application of vocational assessment.
Prerequisites: RHAB 702
RHAB 720  - Group Counseling in Rehabilitation Settings  (3 Credits)  
Principles and practice of group counseling applied to persons with a disability, or disadvantaged persons.
Prerequisites: RCON 601.
RHAB 730  - Case Management and Community Resources in Rehabilitation  (3 Credits)  
Focuses on factors which facilitate or deter rehabilitation caseload movement. A detailed task analysis of case intake, case study, individualized written rehabilitation program planning, case services, and case closure within agency procedural regulations are emphasized.
RHAB 750  - Technology and Exceptional Populations  (3 Credits)  
The application of microcomputers and other technology in services for special populations. Case management, assessment, and instructional uses of technology are included.
RHAB 752  - Disability and Sexuality  (3 Credits)  
Impact of major disabling conditions on sexual functioning; sex education and counseling of disabled persons.
RHAB 753  - Rehabilitation and Severe Disability  (3 Credits)  
Course examines the specialized knowledge and techniques required to rehabilitate persons with severe physical, mental-emotional, and social disabilities.
Prerequisites: RCON 700.
RHAB 754  - Counseling and Death Education  (3 Credits)  
Counseling approaches with the terminally ill and surviving family members.
RHAB 880  - Counseling Practicum I  (3 Credits)  
Supervised counseling experience in an approved institution or agency. Official application must be submitted at least one month before the end of the semester preceding enrollment. Supervised counseling experience in an approved institution or agency. Required 150 hours.
RHAB 883  - Counseling Internship  (1-6 Credits)  
Counseling experience will be gained in a work setting similar to that in which a counselor will eventually be employed.
Prerequisites: RHAB 880
RHAB 890  - Independent Study  (1-3 Credits)