Higher Education (EDHE)

EDHE 600  - Special Problems in Higher Education and Student Affairs  (1-3 Credits)  
The course is designed to provide opportunities for the study of special topics in higher education and student affairs administration.
EDHE 720  - Advanced Study in Adult Education  (3 Credits)  
Review of the major tenets and theories prominent in the adult learning literature and examination of historical, social, political, economic, and cultural factors influencing contemporary adult learning.
Prerequisites: graduate course in adult learning or development.
EDHE 730  - Evolution of Higher Education in America  (3 Credits)  
Development of environments, institutions, and individuals relevant to American higher education since the 17th century. Covers foundational history as relevant to contemporary administration, students, faculty, curricula, and policies at institutional, state, and federal levels.
EDHE 731  - Student Affairs in Higher Education  (3 Credits)  
Objectives and philosophy of student affairs, organizations and administration of student affairs divisions, and current trends and issues.
EDHE 732  - The American College Student  (3 Credits)  
Study of theories of college student development and learning and application of theories to enhance administrative practices in American higher education. Also examines the impact of the college environment on students.
EDHE 733  - The Ideas of American Higher Education  (3 Credits)  
Analysis of competing ideas of higher education with the purpose of helping students construct consistent sets of beliefs about values in higher education as a guide to understanding administrative and academic decisions.
Prerequisites: EDHE 730.
EDHE 734  - The Community/Technical College  (3 Credits)  
Introduction to historical and current events shaping two-year college missions, programs, clienteles, and services. Preparation to assume student services and instructional positions within two-year colleges.
EDHE 735  - Academic Advising in Higher Education  (3 Credits)  
A comprehensive introduction to the field of academic advising with special emphasis on the topic Appreciative Advising.
EDHE 736  - Financial Aspects of Higher Education  (3 Credits)  
Survey of principles and practices of financing higher education institutions, including revenue generation and asset allocation. The course reviews methods of budgeting and business processes utilized by colleges and universities.
EDHE 737  - Legal Aspects of Higher Education  (3 Credits)  
Especially for faculty members and administrators in post-secondary institutions. Emphasis on techniques of legal research, constitutional provisions, statutory laws, court decisions, and regulations as they affect administration of higher education.
EDHE 738  - Principles of College Teaching  (3 Credits)  
Designed for prospective teachers in institutions of higher education. Considers the practice of teaching from philosophical, empirical, conceptual, and practical vantage points to prepare instructors for a changing and diverse student population.
EDHE 739  - Seminar on Diversity in Higher Education  (3 Credits)  
Survey of major topics related to social justice, diversity and inclusion in post-secondary institutions.
EDHE 740  - Equity and Access in Higher Education  (3 Credits)  
The legal, educational and public policy issues that affect access to higher education in America.
EDHE 741  - Seminar on Ethical Issues in Higher Education  (3 Credits)  
Examination of contemporary ethical issues and problems confronted by higher education administrators.
EDHE 742  - Higher Education Learning Environments  (3 Credits)  
Overview of how environments affect student learning in higher education institutions, including institutional types, environmental structures, and campus culture.
EDHE 743  - Strategic Planning for Data-Informed Decision Making  (3 Credits)  
Overview of strategic planning processes of higher education institutions.
EDHE 744  - Enrollment Management in Higher Education  (3 Credits)  
Review of enrollment management strategies in higher education, including recruitment and retention. Recruitment strategies such as admissions marketing strategies, communications plans, branding, and forecasting are addressed, as well as effective institutional retention strategies.
EDHE 745  - Capstone for Higher Education Leadership  (3 Credits)  
Culminating seminar focused upon the principles and competencies of higher education leadership.
Prerequisites: Students enrolling in EDHE 745 should have completed a majority of the required coursework for the MEd in Higher Education Leadership with a B or better prior to registering for this course at the approval of their advisor.
EDHE 747  - Program Design and Implementation  (3 Credits)  
An analysis of the theories, processes, and issues underlying the design and implementation of programs for learners in a post-secondary or professional context.
EDHE 748  - Staff Development and Training  (3 Credits)  
Review of the history, concepts, current techniques, and issues in staff development and training examination and application of skills required by the training practitioner and learning specialist.
EDHE 790  - Independent Study  (1-3 Credits)  
Independent Study Contract required.
EDHE 799  - Thesis Preparation  (1-9 Credits)  
EDHE 830  - Organization, Administration, and Governance of Higher Education  (3 Credits)  
Application of organization and administrative theory to post-secondary institutions of education, with emphasis on policy implementation.
EDHE 831  - Internship in Higher Education and Student Affairs  (3-6 Credits)  
Internship experience in higher education and student affairs offices. Students are placed in college, university, or agency administration offices under joint supervision of administrative personnel of these offices and faculty members. Prospectus must be submitted at least one month before start of the internship.
EDHE 832  - Special Topics in Higher Education  (3 Credits)  
Selected topical problems in higher education for advanced graduate students interested in the administration of higher education or college teaching. Possible topics include, evaluation, accountability, management, the learning society, the financial crisis, coordination vs. autonomy. May be used on a program of study up to three times.
EDHE 833  - Contemporary Trends/Issues in Higher Education  (3 Credits)  
Overview of the major trends and issues confronting American higher education.
EDHE 834  - Internship in College Teaching  (3-6 Credits)  
Designed to provide opportunity for supervised teaching experience in 2-year and 4-year institutions of higher education. Student will intern as teacher with day-to-day supervision by an experienced instructor. Weekly seminar on campus.
Prerequisites: EDHE 738.
EDHE 835  - Leadership in Higher Education  (3 Credits)  
Leadership theory and practice as applied to programs, units, and institutions in higher education. Addresses leadership strategies, options, characteristics, traits, and styles.
EDHE 837  - Higher Education and Student Affairs Practicum I  (3 Credits)  
Supervised experiences in different aspects of higher education and student affairs administration through work in various administrative offices at USC and other colleges.
EDHE 838  - Higher Education and Student Affairs Practicum II  (3 Credits)  
Additional opportunities for supervised experiences in higher education and student affairs administration.
Prerequisites: EDHE 837.
EDHE 839  - Institutional Assessment in Higher Education  (3 Credits)  
Concepts, models, and practice of institutional assessment. Student participation in an actual assessment project.
EDHE 851  - Comparative Higher Education  (3 Credits)  
Introduces students to the study of higher education in other countries, including policy and governance, finance, student life, the professoriate and related issues in comparative perspective. Includes a study abroad component with additional fees.
EDHE 890  - Independent Study  (1-3 Credits)  
Restricted to doctoral students. Independent Study Contract required.
EDHE 899  - Dissertation Preparation  (1-12 Credits)