Reading (EDRD)

EDRD 500  - Content Area Literacy PK-12  (3 Credits)  
A survey of research and practice which facilitates students' literacy skills in the content areas. For K-12 content area teachers of art, dance, physical education, foreign language, music and theatre.
EDRD 511  - Teaching Reading to Adults I  (3 Credits)  
Diagnostic and prescriptive modes of teaching reading to adults, based on the physical, psychological, intellectual, and social characteristics of the adult learner.
EDRD 512  - Teaching Reading to Adults II  (3 Credits)  
Preparation of materials for teaching basic reading skills to adults and practicum experiences in teaching adults to read.
Prerequisites: EDCO 511 or EDRD 511.
EDRD 514  - Teaching of Reading in the Elementary School  (3 Credits)  
Study of the various phases of reading in their relation to a modern program of education and the place of reading in the curriculum. Emphasis on modern practices in the classroom teaching of reading.
EDRD 518  - Reading in the Secondary School  (3 Credits)  
The place of reading instruction in high schools, the programming of special services in reading instruction, methods of teaching basic and developmental reading skills, and case studies of programs. Demonstrations of tests and devices.
EDRD 600  - Foundations of Reading Instruction  (3 Credits)  
An overview of reading and its curriculum implications: grades K-12 and adults. Emphasis is placed on current trends and issues and related methodologies.
EDRD 650  - Teaching Reading Through A Literature Emphasis  (3 Credits)  
Integrating appropriate literature into traditional and alternative reading programs. Identifying appropriate literature for classroom use and recreational reading. Use of literature as a means of developing and reinforcing reading skills.
EDRD 651  - Introduction to Teaching Media Literacy  (3 Credits)  
A survey of analysis of electronic and non-print media themes and messages aimed at youth, with special emphasis on design and implementation of curricula for enhancing children’s media literacy.
EDRD 690  - Independent Study  (1-3 Credits)  
EDRD 700  - Multimodal Multi-genre Writing  (3 Credits)  
An active and reflective experience of process writing within multiple genres and multimodal literacies with classroom applications.
EDRD 711  - Psychological Foundations of Reading  (3 Credits)  
Designed to familiarize students with research findings and theories in psychology as they relate specifically to the process of learning to read. Topics will range from perception, learning theory, and personality theory to the implications of cultural differences and language factors as they affect both the child’s learning to read and the teacher’s effective facilitation of this learning.
Prerequisites: EDRD 514, EDRD 716, EDRD 717.
EDRD 714  - Critical Foundations of Literacy  (3 Credits)  
An overview of major theoretical, conceptual, and historical foundations in literacy and their curricular implications. Emphasis is placed on actively analyzing current trends and related methodologies.
EDRD 715  - Instructional Strategies for Reading  (3 Credits)  
Demonstration and critical evaluation of teaching strategies and materials in reading.
EDRD 716  - Foundations of Reading Assessment  (3 Credits)  
Seminar and supervised one-on-one field experience focusing on assessing and meeting the needs of individual children as readers with emphasis on at-risk children.
EDRD 718  - Seminar in Classroom Reading Assessment  (3 Credits)  
Seminar and supervised field experience focusing on assessing and meeting the needs of small groups of children as readers.
Prerequisites: EDRD 600, EDRD 715, and EDRD 716.
EDRD 719  - Developing and Guiding the Reading Program  (3 Credits)  
Design, management, and evaluation of reading programs at the classroom, school, or district levels.
Prerequisites: EDRD 600 and EDRD 715.
EDRD 720  - Capstone Seminar in Language and Literacy  (3 Credits)  
Synthesis, critique, and evaluation of current research and educational practice in language and literacy.
EDRD 730  - Teaching Reading and Writing in the Content Areas  (3 Credits)  
A survey of the strategies and materials which facilitate students’ reading and writing skill in the content areas. For P-12 reading education and content area teachers.
EDRD 731  - Assessment and the Foundations of Reading/Writing  (3 Credits)  
Overview of assessment theory and practice; the reading/writing processes and the curricular implications across content areas.
EDRD 732  - Teaching Reading and Writing in the Content Areas  (3 Credits)  
Survey of the strategies and materials which facilitate students’ reading and writing skill in the content areas.
EDRD 750  - Literacy Curriculum Development  (3 Credits)  
Classroom, school, and district literacy curriculum will be explored through multicultural and global literature.
EDRD 760  - Literacy Research and Inquiry  (3 Credits)  
Research and methods for literacy instruction with a focus on inquiry-based teaching and learning.
EDRD 776  - Coaching within Classrooms: Improving Teaching and Literacy Instruction  (3 Credits)  
Coaching principles and strategies related to improvements and innovations in classrooms and in literacy instruction. Emphasizes working with teachers in classrooms to bring about educational reform and improvements in teaching and literacy instruction.
EDRD 783  - Literacy Leadership and Supervision  (3 Credits)  
Developing as a literacy leader within school and district contexts through: engagement in effective collaboration; design, management, and evaluation of professional learning; design, management, and evaluation of family and community outreach.
EDRD 794  - Linguistics for Classroom Teachers PreK-12  (3 Credits)  
An introduction to the concepts of linguistics specifically for preK-12 educators. Topics include syntax, morphology, semantics, pragmatics, and first and second language acquisition theories.
EDRD 795  - ESOL Principles and Strategies for PreK-12 Classrooms  (3 Credits)  
A survey course focused on English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL), including a focus on different theoretical principles and approaches within various learning context as they concern preK-12 learners.
EDRD 796  - Teaching Reading and Writing to ESOL Learners: Theory and Practice  (3 Credits)  
This course surveys research on the mental processes and linguistic contexts involved in reading and writing in a second language. Pedagogical implications for elementary, secondary, and postsecondary learners are discussed.
Cross-listed course: LING 796
EDRD 797  - Assessment for English Language Learners  (3 Credits)  
Seminar and supervised one-on-one field experience focusing on accessing and meeting the needs of English learners including approaches to classroom-based assessments in ESL, bilingual education, and preschool-grade 12 classrooms.
EDRD 798  - Curriculum Design and Materials Development for English Language Learners  (3 Credits)  
This course will engage students in the examination and creation of research and theory that support curriculum design and materials development for the ESOL classroom.
EDRD 800  - Literacy Education P-12  (3 Credits)  
Impact of theories of teaching, learning, and texts on literacy instruction; social, historical, political, and cultural influences on literacy.
EDRD 801  - Critical Perspective on English/Language Arts  (3 Credits)  
Issues of literacy from a variety of critical stances such as democratic values, gender roles, and multiculturalism.
EDRD 802  - Internship in the Supervision of Reading  (3 Credits)  
Internship in diagnosis and instruction of disabled, corrective, and developing readers to include supervision of graduate students enrolled in practica in reading, parent training, and program administration. Limited to advanced graduate students. May be repeated one additional time in a different supervisory setting for a maximum of six hours.
EDRD 803  - Pedagogical Applications of Reader Response Theory  (3 Credits)  
Research and theory, emphasizing the role of the reader’s response in the reading process.
EDRD 805  - Teaching and Administrating the College Reading Program  (3 Credits)  
Emphasis on the acquiring of background and skills necessary for instruction in and administration of college-level reading programs located in post-high school institutions (technical schools, two-year colleges, four-year colleges, and universities).
Prerequisites: EDRD 514, EDRD 518.
EDRD 806  - Practicum in Teaching and Administering the College Reading Program  (3 Credits)  
Refining of counseling, evaluation, research, instructional, and administrative skills needed by college reading personnel. Practical application of the background and skills taught in EDRD 805.
Prerequisites: EDRD 514, EDRD 805.
EDRD 811  - Cultural Perspective on Psychological and Social Foundations of Literacy Learning  (3 Credits)  
Perspectives from psychology and sociocultural theory as they relate to literacy learning and research in literacy learning.
EDRD 815  - Critique of Qualitative Research in Language and Literacy Education  (3 Credits)  
A review and critique of qualitative perspectives on language and literacy research.
EDRD 824  - Seminar in Language and Literacy Education  (3 Credits)  
Intensive study of a designated topic influencing theory and/or practice in language and literacy education.
Prerequisites: Admission to a doctoral program in education or related field.
EDRD 840  - Semiotics, Reading, Literacy and Learning  (3 Credits)  
Peircean semiotics and the implications of such for language and literacy education.
EDRD 842  - Windows into the Reading Process  (3 Credits)  
An exploration of the reading process and how readers construct meaning by relating their sociopsycholinguistic backgrounds to discourse, including analysis of reading miscues at several linguistic levels, an examination of assessment and instructional tools, and developing a comprehension centered reading program.
EDRD 844  - Language Acquisition in Society  (3 Credits)  
Historical and contemporary language issues in society, language diversity and marginalization, theoretical frameworks and findings.
EDRD 845  - Advanced Study of Emergent Literacy  (3 Credits)  
Conceptual frameworks, findings, and connections among current and classic studies in emergent literacy; implications for further research.
Prerequisites: EDRD 844.
EDRD 848  - Feminist Investigation in Literacy Education  (3 Credits)  
Current theories of gender identity in relationship to literacy education.
EDRD 850  - Internship in Language and Literacy Education  (3-6 Credits)  
Placement in an agency or higher education setting to gain supervised experience in literacy program planning and/or research. May be repeated once for a total of 6 hours.
Prerequisites: 6 hours of required language and literacy courses in the language and literacy PhD program.
EDRD 890  - Independent Study  (3 Credits)