Educational Technology (EDET)

EDET 603  - Design and Development Tools I  (3 Credits)  
Study of multimedia elements (e.g., graphics, animation, audio, and video) including the creation and editing of materials. Instructional applications, copyright issues, and technology limitations will be explored.
EDET 650  - Internship in Educational Technology  (3 Credits)  
Supervised field-based experiences in the design, development, evaluation, and implementation of technology-based instructional and training projects.
Prerequisites: EDET 603, EDET 703, and EDET 722.
EDET 652  - Design and Evaluation of Games and Simulations  (3 Credits)  
Application of instructional design criteria to computer and noncomputer interactions. Analyses include requisite cognitive processes, affective outcomes, and ethical standards. Design and formative testing of interactive exercises.
EDET 700  - Foundations of Learning Design and Technologies  (3 Credits)  
An introduction to the field of learning design and technologies with a focus on the evolving scope, history, influences, and landscape of the profession.
EDET 703  - Design and Development Tools II  (3 Credits)  
Critical analysis of research in multimedia programs and implications for instruction. Application of instructional design criteria to develop, author, and evaluate multimedia projects.
Prerequisites: EDET 603.
EDET 705  - The Learning Experience  (3 Credits)  
An introduction to the relationships between biology, learning theory, and instructional models.
EDET 709  - Applications of Learning Principles  (3 Credits)  
Behavioral and cognitive learning principles applicable to the design of technology-based instruction and performance training.
EDET 722  - Instructional Design and Assessment  (3 Credits)  
Principles and models of instructional design and the assessment of learning. Applications of the instructional design process and assessment criteria to develop instruction and assessment tools for technology-based environments.
EDET 735  - Technological Applications for Diverse Populations  (3 Credits)  
Application of Universal Design, assistive devices, and other technologies to assure access to information and productivity tools by persons with disabilities, English-language learners, students at risk, and the elderly.
EDET 746  - Management of Technology Resources  (3 Credits)  
The organization and administration of media programs in school buildings and districts, regional and state centers, and colleges and universities. Procedures, problems, and trends for an integrated instructional support system will be emphasized.
EDET 755  - Design and Evaluation of Information Access and Delivery  (3 Credits)  
Telecommunications tools to support research and instruction across the curriculum. Study of distance education and issues related to instructional delivery, connectivity, and distribution methods.
EDET 780  - Research Seminar in Educational Technology  (3 Credits)  
A study of contemporary trends, problem areas, and issues in educational technology through literature investigations, seminar discussions, and case studies.
EDET 793  - Advanced Instructional Design and Development  (3 Credits)  
Incorporation of instructional design criteria, multimedia development skills, knowledge of instructional methods, learning theory, and evaluation to develop a comprehensive multimedia or Web-based instructional project.
Prerequisites: EDET 650, EDET 703.
EDET 799  - Thesis Preparation  (1-9 Credits)  
EDET 801  - Doctoral Research in Educational Technology  (3 Credits)  
A comprehensive study of the educational technology field, and an analysis of a significant question or issue related to teaching and administration in K12 schools, higher education, and/or other social institutions through literature investigation.
EDET 810  - Principles of Applied Educational Technology Research  (3 Credits)  
Introduction to the design of applied educational technology research with theoretical alignment of contemporary paradigms of research, purposes, research questions, ethics, and positionality.
EDET 811  - Advanced Applied Educational Technology Research  (3 Credits)  
Advanced applied quantitative and qualitative methods for educational technology research using data collection, analysis, interpretation, and systematic study of a significant research problem related to teaching and learning in technology-enhanced learning environments.
Prerequisites: EDET 810.
EDET 825  - Evaluation of Educational Technology Research  (3 Credits)  
Evaluation and review of relevant research literature in educational technology to synthesize theories, trends, and issues related to the field.
Prerequisites: EDET 811.
EDET 826  - Synthesizing Educational Technology Research  (3 Credits)  
Emphasis is placed on synthesizing research into an original, coherent and structured review of related literature.
Prerequisites: EDET 825.
EDET 850  - Special Topics in Educational Technology  (3 Credits)  
Selected topical problems for advanced graduate students interested in technology-enhanced teaching, learning, and performance environments.
EDET 899  - Dissertation Preparation  (1-12 Credits)  
Special permission of department required.