Hosp Retail Sport Mgmt (HRSM)

HRSM 700  - Quantitative Methods in HRSM  (3 Credits)  
This course introduces the basic knowledge of quantitative concepts, principles, and methods necessary for scientific investigation of research problems related to hospitality, retail, and sport management.
Corequisite: C or better in HRSM 788.
HRSM 787  - Global Seminar in Hospitality, Retail, Sport & Technology Management  (3 Credits)  
This is an interdisciplinary learning experience where students apply major specific constructs and current trends in hospitality, retail, sport and technology management in a study abroad context. Students will visit destinations and venues where they will interact with on site management. This course is for HRSM graduate students only and requires permission of the departmental graduate director. This course may be repeated twice for credit.
HRSM 788  - Business Research and Analytics in Hospitality, Retail and Sports Management  (3 Credits)  
The course is structured to help students apply business research methods in the field of hospitality/tourism, retail, and sport management. This course will provide the student with an understanding of the process and the tools to support business problem identification, research design, information/data collection, data analytics, result visualization, and managerial decision-making of business cases.
HRSM 795  - Field Project in Hospitality, Retail, and Sport Management  (6 Credits)  
Work experience and participation in management decision-making in a hospitality/tourism, retail, or sport/entertainment business environment. Positions assigned on an individual basis with emphasis on oral and written communication skills, planning, and problem solving.
HRSM 888  - Research Design in Hospitality, Retail, and Sport Management  (3 Credits)  
The principles of research design, focusing on the application of these principles as they apply to sport and entertainment, hospitality, and/or tourism management.