Integrated Info Tech (ITEC)

ITEC 544  - Training Systems  (3 Credits)  

Theory, design, and implementation of technology-based training systems, including hardware and software solutions.

Prerequisites: C or better in ITEC 444.
ITEC 545  - Telecommunications  (3 Credits)  

Telecommunications systems, applications, and equipment allowing for the global dissemination of information.

Prerequisites: C or better in ITEC 245.
ITEC 552  - Linux Programming and Administration  (3 Credits)  

Shell scripting and administration in the Linux operating system.

Prerequisites: C or better in CSCE 204, or C or better in CSCE 145.
ITEC 560  - Project Management Methods  (3 Credits)  

Project management principles and standard practices, including software applications for project management.

Prerequisites: C or better in ITEC 362; and C or better in either ITEC 264 or MGSC 290.
ITEC 562  - Advanced Web Support Systems  (3 Credits)  

The development of advanced, dynamic, Web-based information systems, including the integration of back-end database-records management systems.

Prerequisites: C or better in ITEC 362.
ITEC 564  - Capstone Project for Information Technology  (3 Credits)  

Application of project management software, technologies, and practices to the design and implementation of real-world capstone projects.

Prerequisites: C or better in both ITEC 362 and ITEC 560.
ITEC 570  - Database Management and Administration  (3 Credits)  

Introduction to database administration and implementation using an enterprise-level Relational Database Management System (RDBMS).

Prerequisites: C or better in ITEC 370.
ITEC 590  - Special Topics in Integrated Information Technology  (3 Credits)  

Advanced concepts, issues, and trends in technology support and training management. Course content varies and will be announced in the schedule of classes by title. May be repeated twice for credit.

ITEC 702  - Technology and Training Applications I  (3 Credits)  

Computer application skills and concepts used in training support and business education.

ITEC 720  - Technology and Training Applications II  (3 Credits)  

Spreadsheet and database application skills and concepts used in training support and business education.

Prerequisites: degree candidacy and 15 hours completed or departmental approval
ITEC 743  - Health Information Privacy and Security  (3 Credits)  

Healthcare privacy and security threats and solutions. Compliance with patient information privacy and information security regulations.

ITEC 745  - Telecommunications for Health Information Technology  (3 Credits)  

Overview of telecommunication technologies as they apply to healthcare delivery, healthcare administration, and health information exchange.

ITEC 747  - Management of Health Information Systems  (3 Credits)  

Overview of health information technology, electronic health records (EHR) , and health information exchange (HIE), current practices, trends, and issues in health information systems management, and privacy and security of health information.

ITEC 748  - Internship in Health Information Technology  (1-6 Credits)  

Professional internship in health information technology. Positions assigned on an individual basis with emphasis on management decision making, oral and written communication skills, planning, and problem solving.

ITEC 749  - Principles of Informatics  (3 Credits)  

Integration of information technology across the business spectrum. Underlying technological developments and important business drivers of performance. Digital technology’s role in relation to three major components of business performance improvement: people, processes and technology.

Prerequisites: C or better in ITEC 447.
ITEC 752  - Systems Analysis & Design for Health Applications  (3 Credits)  

This course applies the principles of information systems analysis and dsign to health processes and applications. It looks at the analysis and logical design of business processes and management information systems focusing on the systems development life cycle; and techniques for logical system design.

ITEC 760  - Cyberinfrastructure and Information Assurance  (3 Credits)  

Information Technology (IT) elements of the cyberinfrastructure; information assurance and security in the modern cyberinfrastructure; design and secure advanced systems that use, process, transmit, and store of information.

Prerequisites: ITEC 742.
ITEC 761  - Management of Cyberinfrastructure  (3 Credits)  

Techniques, technologies, and management tools used in modern cyberinfrastructures, including software-defined data centers, next-generation software-defined networking (NG-SDN), and cloud systems.

Prerequisites: ITEC 760.
ITEC 762  - Health Information Technology Usability and Interface Design  (3 Credits)  

Overview of the analysis, design, and usability of health information systems. Includes consideration of computer interfaces, Web portals, and patient portals.

ITEC 764  - Project Management for Health Information  (3 Credits)  

Application of project management software, technologies and practices to the design and implementation of real-world health information technology projects. Integrates IT knowledge and skills learned in earlier graduate courses and challenges graduate students to learn new technologies and to solve real business problems.

ITEC 770  - Health IT Database Systems  (3 Credits)  

This course is an introduction to design, implementation, and management of database systems that form the foundation for health information systems.

ITEC 775  - Large-Scale Health and Information Systems  (3 Credits)  

Design, implementation and operation of large-scale information systems for healthcare institutions. Includes EMRs, CPOE, e-prescribing, medication administration, CRM, and supply chain management.

ITEC 776  - Health Information Technology and Clinical Transformation  (3 Credits)  

Implementation of electronic health records (EHR) and health information exchange with focus on clinical transformation, which is the most difficult and critical component of achieving improved clinical outcomes and efficiencies from EHRs.

ITEC 777B  - Tch. Intrn. M/HS-Bus. Educ  (9 Credits)  

Application of effective teaching techniques and organization of instructional settings for middle or high school students.

ITEC 785  - Enterprise Data Analytics  (3 Credits)  

Mathematical and software tools and quantitative reasoning to the analysis of enterprise data. Fundamental concepts and essential skills in data analytics. Critical and creative thinking about quantitative and qualitative problems involving enterprise data.

Prerequisites: B or better in MATH 174; B or better in STAT 700 or STAT 701; B or better in ITEC 749; C or better in ITEC 264.
ITEC 790  - Special Topics in Informatics  (3 Credits)  

Advanced concepts, issues, and trends in information technology. Course content varies and will be announced in the schedule of classes by title. May be repeated twice for credit.

ITEC 791  - Introduction to Management of Information Security  (3 Credits)  

Overview of information security exploring basic concepts and developing knowledge and skills of protecting valuable information assets and systems.

ITEC 792  - Management of Cyber Operations  (3 Credits)  

Technical and managerial aspects of IT security operations. Securing the cyberinfrastructure, detecting and mitigating intrusion, monitoring and managing computing systems.

ITEC 793  - Cybersecurity Risk Management  (3 Credits)  

Risk assessments, risk mitigation strategies, security risks, controls and services, development and implementation of security policies, threat and vulnerability, risk management program.

ITEC 795  - Independent Study in Health Information Technology  (1-3 Credits)  

Independent study in association with a directing instructor on a topic not covered in standard classes. Contract approved by instructor, advisor, and graduate program director.