NPSY - Neuropsychiatry (NPSY)

NPSY 755  - Fundamentals of Psychiatric Rehabilitation  (3 Credits)  

Overview of current community-centered approaches to rehabilitation of persons with severe long-term mental illness. Emphasis placed on community-living problems, such as housing, social adjustment, supportive services, and employment.

NPSY 756  - Vocational Implications of Psychiatric Disability  (3 Credits)  

Further exploration of methodologies and techniques for reintegrating individuals with severe mental illness into the workplace.

Prerequisites: NPSY 755.
NPSY 757  - Psychopathology for Counselors  (3 Credits)  

Theoretical background for understanding causes, symptomatology, and preferred treatment approaches for disorders identified in DSM-5, the standard reference of the American Psychiatric Association. Prepares students to diagnose and treat mental health conditions.

NPSY 758  - Classification and Assessment of Mental Disorders  (3 Credits)  

Classification of mental disorders using the DSM-IV, standard reference of the American Psychiatric Association, and the interpretation of formalized evaluations and appraisal techniques in achieving differential diagnoses.

Prerequisites: NPSY 757.
NPSY 760  - Addictions Rehabilitation  (3 Credits)  

Theory, treatment, and psychological aspects of addictions to alcohol and other drugs.

NPSY 761  - Dual Diagnosis  (3 Credits)  

Current research and models for rehabilitation of individuals with a substance abuse/dependency and other mental illness. Based on analyses of case studies.

Prerequisites: NPSY 757 and NPSY 760.