Educ Foundations & Inq (EDFI)

EDFI 592  - Historical Foundations of American Educational Thought  (3 Credits)  
A survey of the history, philosophy, administration, and legal bases of American education.
EDFI 643  - Southern Educational History  (3 Credits)  
Development of educational institutions in Southern society with special attention given to South Carolina.
EDFI 690  - Independent Study  (1-3 Credits)  
EDFI 722  - Contemporary Education in Europe  (3 Credits)  
A comparison of the impact of postwar forces on the educational systems of selected European nations. Analysis of current trends, movements, and problems in all levels of education. Examination of the educational purposes, systems, techniques, and facilities with implications for the future development of industrialized societies.
EDFI 730  - Qualitative Epistemologies, Paradigms, & Theories  (3 Credits)  
Foundations of qualitative research including historical, philosophical, and theoretical perspectives. Examination of different qualitative approaches and associated methodological issues.
EDFI 731  - Qualitative Inquiry  (3 Credits)  
Qualitative research methods including naturalistic inquiry, participant observation, interviewing, focus groups, and document analysis.
EDFI 740  - Qualitative Inquiry  (3 Credits)  
Qualitative research methods including naturalistic inquiry, participant observation, interviewing, focus groups, and document analysis.
EDFI 741  - International and Comparative Education  (3 Credits)  
Introduction to international education and the comparative method in the study of educational systems around the world. Provides students with an overview of comparative and international education theory, practice, and research methodology.
EDFI 743  - The History of Education in the United States  (3 Credits)  
The history of education in the United States from the colonial period through the contemporary moment. Placing the history of education in a larger American economic, social, political, and cultural context, students consider the development, purposes, effects, and evolution of public and private schools in the United States at the elementary, middle and secondary levels during this critical period in United States history and education.
EDFI 744  - Philosophy and Education  (3 Credits)  
The functional considerations governing educational theories and practices.
EDFI 746  - Social Theories in Education  (3 Credits)  
The study of historic and contemporary social theory and the application of social theory to current issues in education.
EDFI 747  - Critical Race Theory and Education  (3 Credits)  
An introduction to tenets and methodology in Critical Race Theory. The study of race and racism as the primary lens of analysis in educational, social, and political issues.
EDFI 749  - The School in Modern Society  (3 Credits)  
Basic concepts of the relation of the school to the social order: an analysis of the essential features of the changing social context within which American educational policy and practice now operate. The educational implications of recent social change in American life and of the emergence of a new world order.
EDFI 799  - Thesis Preparation  (1-9 Credits)  
EDFI 832  - Educational Biography  (3 Credits)  
Examination of biography as a form of educational research and scholarship.
EDFI 833  - Narrative Inquiry  (3 Credits)  
Exploration of the various forms of narrative inquiry as a distinct genre of qualitative research.
EDFI 834  - Participatory Action Research  (3 Credits)  
Theoretical, methodological, and pedagogical orientations to participatory action research.
EDFI 836  - Ethnography and Education  (3 Credits)  
Historical, methodological, and theoretical orientations to ethnographic research.
Prerequisites: EDFI 731 or equivalent.
EDFI 837  - Qualitative Case Study  (3 Credits)  
The study and practice of qualitative case study methods. Topics include explanatory, descriptive, and exploratory approaches, single case, multi-case, and multi-site design strategies.
Prerequisites: EDFI 731.
EDFI 843  - The School and the Social Order: the United States II  (3 Credits)  
The impact of education on the social order in the United States continued–1877 to the present. Research assignments will involve analysis and interpretation of primary source materials of 19th- and 20th-century thought and practice in South Carolina.
Prerequisites: EDFI 743 or equivalent.
EDFI 845  - Seminar of Advanced Students in Foundations of Education  (3-9 Credits)  
Individual topics selected by student application and instructor acceptance. May be repeated for up to 9 hours as topics vary.
EDFI 847  - Modern Philosophies of Education  (3 Credits)  
Critical comparison of present-day schools of thought in the nature, objectives, and functions of American education.
Prerequisites: EDFI 744 or equivalent.
Cross-listed course: PHIL 847
EDFI 848  - Gender and Education  (3 Credits)  
A critical and comparative exploration of different theoretical and discursive frameworks, policies and practices that have constituted and shaped the broad and interdisciplinary field of gender and education.
EDFI 857  - Advanced Critical Race Theory and Education  (3 Credits)  
An advanced study of how Critical Race Theory is applied by researchers to investigate issues of racial justice. The study of race and racism is the primary lens of analysis in understanding disparities in educational, political, social and economic outcomes.
Prerequisites: EDFI 747.
Cross-listed course: EDTE 857
EDFI 868  - History of Student Activism  (3 Credits)  
An overview of the role of student activists who engaged in deliberate protest to demonstrate their dissatisfaction with the American social order and an examination of the rationale behind student rebellion and the role of high schools and colleges in facilitating student activism.
EDFI 879  - Equity and Justice Internship  (1-3 Credits)  
Internship dedicated to equity and justice in educational contexts.
Prerequisites: EDFI 749.
EDFI 890  - Independent Study  (3 Credits)  
EDFI 899  - Dissertation Preparation  (1-12 Credits)