RCON - Rehabilitation Counslng (RCON)

RCON 601  - Helping Relationships: Fundamentals of Counseling Practice  (3 Credits)  

Development of communication skills necessary to foster and develop effective counseling relationships.

RCON 605  - Culture and Disability  (3 Credits)  

Concepts and procedures relating to disability and culture, covering relevant issues affecting racially and culturally diverse individuals with disabilities, as well as promoting sensitivity and competence. Includes implications for an array of helping professions.

RCON 700  - Foundations of Clinical Rehabilitation Counseling  (3 Credits)  

Origin, evolution, and future of the rehabilitation counseling profession. Role and functions, scope of practice, and practice settings of rehabilitation counselors.

RCON 702  - Introduction to Rehabilitation Research and Program Evaluation  (3 Credits)  

Foundations underlying research and assessment methodologies and their application to counseling. Research design, program evaluation, ethical principles in research, the scholarly research process, and statistical software packages.

RCON 704  - Ethics in Rehabilitation Counseling and Helping Relationships  (3 Credits)  

Examines contemporary ethical concerns, issues, decision-making models, and best practices in rehabilitation counseling and the helping professions. Knowledge and awareness appropriate for master's-level professionals with a particular focus on working with people with disabilities or disadvantagement. Application of knowledge across a range of helping relationships.

RCON 711  - Rehabilitation Counseling Theories and Practice  (3 Credits)  

Individual counseling theories and techniques applied to a wide range of persons, including persons with a disability (emotional, psychosocial, mental, and physical) and disadvantaged persons.

Prerequisites: RCON 601 or equivalent.
RCON 714  - Rehabilitation Assessment  (3 Credits)  

Assessment in clinical rehabilitation, including assessment instruments, methods, materials, and interpretation as applied to a variety of rehabilitation clients. Concepts, skill development, and application of clinical rehabilitation assessment.

RCON 720  - Group Counseling in Rehabilitation Settings  (3 Credits)  

Principles and practice of group counseling techniques applied to a wide range of persons, including persons with a disability (emotional, psychosocial, mental, and physical) or disadvantaged persons.

Prerequisites: RCON 601 and RCON 711 or equivalents.
RCON 725  - Career Counseling Theories and the World of Work  (3 Credits)  

Career counseling theories, processes, and techniques, with emphasis on persons with disabilities and vocational placement. Identification of values, interests, abilities, and methods for obtaining, organizing, and utilizing career information to enable career success of persons with disabilities and disadvantagement.

RCON 733  - Medical and Psychosocial Aspects of Disability  (3 Credits)  

Medical and psychosocial aspects of chronic illness and disability, including physical, psychological, social, and educational impacts of disability. Functional limitations and impact on employment, family/social life, and daily living. Approaches to treatment, prevention, and an overview of adaptive measures to enhance functioning and overall quality of life.

RCON 734  - Professional Issues in Clinical Rehabilitation Counseling  (3 Credits)  

Professional issues and functions within the clinical rehabilitation process. Includes a detailed exploration of the case management process, independent provider status, expert witness status, forensic rehabilitation, life care planning, and managed care systems. Addresses emerging professional issues.

RCON 880  - Counseling Practicum in Clinical Rehabilitation  (3 Credits)  

Supervised counseling experience in an approved institution or agency.

Prerequisites: Official application must be submitted no later than the semester preceding enrollment.
Corequisite: 150 hours of supervised counseling experience in an approved clinical setting.
RCON 883  - Internship in Clinical Rehabilitation Counseling  (3,6 Credits)  

Supervised counseling experience in a work setting suitable for a clinical rehabilitation counselor.

Prerequisites: RCON 880.