College of Education

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Thomas E. Hodges, Dean
Angela C. Baum, Associate Dean for Academic Affairs
Ali S. Brian, Associate Dean for Research
Gloria S. Boutte, Associate Dean for Democracy, Education and Inclusivity
Rob L. Dedmon, Assistant Dean for Enrollment Management and Academic Program Development
Brytnee Leigh, Assistant Dean for Business Operations
Cindy Van Buren, Assistant Dean for Professional Partnerships

The College of Education is a member of the National Network for Education Renewal and the American Association of Colleges of Teacher Education. The College of Education is the anchor of the Professional Education Unit (PEU) of USC, which includes five other colleges/schools and carries full accreditation from the Council for the Accreditation of Educator Preparation (CAEP). The College of Education, in cooperation with the other colleges and schools of the PEU, prepares collaborative educational leaders and advocates, offering programs for teacher certification, counselor certification, and advanced degrees for educators.


Regulations and requirements for admission to graduate study and graduate degree candidacy in the College of Education correspond to those of The Graduate School. Admission decisions in the College of Education are based on multiple indicators and vary by program. Application requirements for each program are specified on the Graduate School’s prospective student page .

Progression in the College of Education

All students enrolled in graduate courses are subject to the academic regulations of The Graduate School. It is the responsibility of each student to be aware of these rules and regulations. In addition to The Graduate School’s academic standards for progression, the College of Education stipulates that 12 hours of credit below a grade of B on graduate work while admitted to a College of Education graduate degree or certificate program will disqualify a student from continuation in and completion of that program. Individual program areas may have more stringent progression requirements. 

Students enrolled in a graduate degree program in the College of Education will have a maximum of two opportunities to pass required progression assessments. These progression assessments include the master’s comprehensive assessment, doctoral qualifying exam, doctoral comprehensive exam, and doctoral dissertation defense.

All Ph.D. programs in the College of Education require a minimum of 18 hours of research coursework.