Rehabilitation Counseling (RCON)

RCON 601  - Helping Relationships: Fundamentals of Counseling Practice  (3 Credits)  
Development of communication skills necessary to foster and develop effective counseling relationships.
RCON 605  - Culture and Disability  (3 Credits)  
Concepts and procedures relating to disability and culture, covering relevant issues affecting racially and culturally diverse individuals with disabilities, as well as promoting sensitivity and competence. Includes implications for an array of helping professions.
RCON 610  - LGBT Issues Counseling and Rehabilitation  (3 Credits)  
Contemporary issues related to the provision of effective counseling and rehabilitation services with the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender (LGBT+) population. The focus will be on attaining a level of applied knowledge and awareness commensurate with professional practice.
RCON 680  - Human Development and Disability Across the Lifespan  (3 Credits)  
Theories and principles of human development as applied to working with people with disabilities and disadvantagement across the lifespan. Focus on evaluation of the effects of service delivery systems and principal contexts (e.g., the family, peer groups, and culture) on individuals. Application of developmental assessment strategies and interventions that helping professionals can utilize to address clients’ needs and enhance positive potentials.