Finance (FINA)

FINA 101  - Introduction to Personal Finance  (1 Credit)  
Course will provide a basic framework for student personal financial management while in college. Topics include money management skills, banking, credit cards, creditworthiness, credit reports, students loans, identity theft, and basic taxes.
FINA 301  - Money and Banking  (3 Credits)  
The role of money in the market economy. Commercial banks, the Federal Reserve System, and monetary policy.
Prerequisites: ECON 221 and ECON 222, or ECON 224.
FINA 333  - Finance and Markets  (3 Credits)  
In-depth introduction to the world of finance. Interaction of individuals and companies with financial markets.
Prerequisites: ECON 224 or ECON 221 and ECON 222, ACCT 222.
FINA 341  - Management of Risk and Insurance  (3 Credits)  
Introduction to decision making under uncertainty and overview of how carious markets allow individuals and organizations to diversify risk. Includes measurement of risk, behavioral bias in decision making under uncertainty, diversification of risk, the role of capital in ensuring performance, moral hazard, adverse selection, insurance pricing, and applications to public policy issues such as health care, catastrophe risk, and safety regulation.
Prerequisite or Corequisite: FINA 363.
FINA 363  - Introduction to Finance  (3 Credits)  
Basic concepts of finance related to decision making.
Prerequisites: C or better in ECON 221 and ACCT 225; C or better in STAT 206, STAT 509, STAT 511, STAT 515, or MATH 511.
FINA 364  - Financial Institutions  (3 Credits)  
A study of the functions and operations of financial institutions and their relationships to the commercial banking system and the general economy. Attention is devoted to savings institutions, insurance companies, rural and urban real estate credit, consumer credit, and associated topics.
FINA 365  - Corporate Financial Analysis  (3 Credits)  
Analysis of business investment and financing decisions.
Prerequisites: C or better in FINA 363.
FINA 366  - Introduction to Real Estate and Urban Development  (3 Credits)  
Real estate analysis and administration; basic principles, concepts, terminology, and institutional factors related to real estate decisions in the urban environment. This course fulfills a pre-examination requirement of the South Carolina Real Estate licensing law (30-hour approved course).
Prerequisites: C or better in FINA 363.
FINA 367  - Real Estate Market Analysis  (3 Credits)  
Concepts, methodologies, and analytical tools used in urban real estate analysis.
Prerequisites: FINA 366.
FINA 369  - Personal Finance  (3 Credits)  
Life insurance, health insurance, wills, trusts, Social Security, stocks, bonds, real estate, mutual funds, and other uses of funds.
FINA 401  - Personal Finance for the Graduating Senior  (1 Credit)  
Critical personal finance skills for the graduating senior, including budgeting, banking, personal taxes, insurance, saving for retirement, and more.
FINA 442  - Life and Health Insurance  (3 Credits)  
Individual financial management of economic losses caused by premature death, disability, and old age; functional aspects of life-health insurer management.
Prerequisites: C or better in FINA 341 and FINA 363.
FINA 443  - Property and Liability Insurance  (3 Credits)  
Functional aspects of property-liability insurer management and operations including detailed treatment of pricing, risk assessment, marketing, investment, contract design, financial statement analysis, and regulation.
Prerequisites: C or better in FINA 341 and FINA 363.
FINA 444  - Corporate Risk Management  (3 Credits)  
Tools and concepts used by corporations in managing all types of risk with a focus on the use of derivatives and insurance. Analysis of when risk reduction is beneficial.
Prerequisites: C or better in FINA 341, FINA 363, and MGSC 291.
FINA 445  - Employee Benefits  (3 Credits)  
Management of employer-sponsored benefits, especially group life, health, and retirement plans; emphasis on plan design and administration, cost, funding, regulation, and tax considerations.
Prerequisites: FINA 341.
FINA 446  - Insurance Operations  (3 Credits)  
Innovative insurance operations to compete in the modern world.
Prerequisites: C or better in FINA 341 and FINA 363.
FINA 462  - Climate Change Risk Management, Insurance, and Finance  (3 Credits)  
Examines the important role that risk management, insurance, and finance have in dealing with climate change risk and how climate change risk affects financial markets and financial institutions.
Prerequisites: C or better in either FINA 341, FINA 365, or FINA 469.
FINA 463  - Case Studies in Corporate Finance  (3 Credits)  
Application of financial concepts and tools to corporate decisions.
Prerequisites: FINA 365.
FINA 464  - Financial Innovation  (3 Credits)  
Explores the history, current environment, and near term outlook of financial innovation (FinTech), focusing on applications of Blockchain technology and Machine Learning tools. The course is designed to provide hands on experience in writing a “smart contract” using a blockchain and in applying machine learning tools.
Prerequisites: C or better in FINA 365 or FINA 465 or FINA 469.
FINA 465  - Commercial Bank Practice and Policy  (3 Credits)  
Fundamental principles underlying the employment of bank funds. Allocation of funds among the various classes of loans and investments to bank operating costs and to changing bank practices.
Prerequisites: FINA 363.
FINA 466  - Real Estate Investment Fundamentals  (3 Credits)  
Analysis and decision-making; return and risk; financing; tax implications; pricing and investment strategies.
Prerequisites: FINA 366 or FINA 469.
FINA 467  - Real Estate Finance  (3 Credits)  
The nature and importance of credit in real estate development and operations; legal framework, sources of mortgage funds, role of public and private financial institutions.
Prerequisites: FINA 366 or FINA 469.
FINA 468  - Real Estate Appraisal  (3 Credits)  
Traditional appraisal concepts and methodologies; appraisal process, real property analysis.
Prerequisites: FINA 366.
FINA 469  - Investment Analysis and Portfolio Management  (3 Credits)  
Conceptual and analytical framework for formulating investment policies, analyzing securities, and constructing portfolios.
Prerequisites: C or better in FINA 363 and MGSC 291.
FINA 470  - Financial Statement Analysis  (3 Credits)  
This course focuses on the analysis of financial statements for profitability and risk assessment and for firm and segment valuation.
Prerequisites: ACCT 225 and ACCT 226 and FINA 363.
Cross-listed course: ACCT 470
FINA 471  - Derivative Securities  (3 Credits)  
Options, forward and futures contracts, and swap contracts are analyzed, along with their uses in risk management, portfolio management, and corporate financing. Markets where these contracts trade will be examined.
Prerequisites: FINA 469.
FINA 472  - Student-Managed Investments  (3 Credits)  
Hands-on experience in investment analysis; managing a real portfolio, decision-making in the design of a portfolio management process, asset allocation, security selection, and risk management. Enrollment in this course requires a special permission from the instructor.
Prerequisites: C or better in MGSC 291.
Prerequisite or Corequisite: C or better in FINA 469.
FINA 473  - Corporate Governance and Agency Conflicts  (3 Credits)  
Exploring conflicts of interest between corporate managers and the providers of capital, and studying various mechanisms to address the misalignment of incentives and therefore restore firm value.
Prerequisites: C or better in FINA 363.
FINA 475  - Fixed Income Securities  (3 Credits)  
Examine fundamental principles of fixed-income securities and fixed-income valuation models.
Prerequisites: FINA 469.
FINA 476  - Foundations of Capitalism  (3 Credits)  
Examines the foundations of capitalism and why it has prevailed over alternative systems. Topics include the justification of private property, distribution of wealth, profit motive, source of wealth creation, and others.
Prerequisites: ECON 221 and ECON 222.
FINA 477  - Real Estate Development  (3 Credits)  
Introduction to the real estate development process with emphasis on analyzing the feasibility of design, location, and construction. Students will learn to identify and evaluate critical issues related to market and site feasibility, financial feasibility, planning, acquisition, and operation of viable real estate projects.
Prerequisites: C or better in FINA 366.
FINA 480  - Global Real Estate Capital Markets  (3 Credits)  
Global institutional investment in real estate; international capital markets viewed from the perspective of real estate investment and finance professionals.
Prerequisites: FINA 366.
FINA 490  - Special Topics in Finance  (1-3 Credits)  
1-3 credit hours for up to 9 credit hours total.
FINA 499  - Business Internship in Finance, Real Estate and Insurance   (3-6 Credits)  
Supervised work experience as approved by department. Generally three hours of academic credit, but upon special request of supervising professor and approval of appropriate area director, an internship may carry a maximum of six credit hours. Pass-Fail only. Internship contract required.
Prerequisites: C or better in FINA 363, cumulative GPA of 2.8.
FINA 666  - Real Estate and Urban Development  (3 Credits)  
An overview of real estate in both the public and private sectors that serves as the basis for advanced study in the various disciplines of real estate and urban development. No prior knowledge of the field is assumed.