Neuroscience (NSCI)

NSCI 300  - Introduction to Neuroscience  (3 Credits)  

Function of the brain including basic neuroanatomy, neurophysiology and neurochemistry, neural systems, and psychopharmacology as it relates to behavior.

Cross-listed course: PSYC 455

NSCI 498  - Individual Research in Neuroscience  (3 Credits)  

Planning and execution of supervised research in neuroscience.

NSCI 499  - Senior Thesis  (3 Credits)  

Directed research resulting in a written thesis. Completion of a minimum of 60 credit hours, including required Major courses (not incl. electives and concentration); minimum Major GPA of 3.50 and overall GPA of 3.50; consent of instructor; acceptance into BA with Distinction.

NSCI 560  - Advanced Topics in Neuroscience  (3 Credits)  

Intensive study of topics selected from the field of neuroscience. Course may be repeated for credit under different topics.

Prerequisites: C or better in NSCI 300, PSYC 455, or PSYC 460, for undergraduates.
NSCI 570  - Neuroscience Laboratory  (3 Credits)  

Practice in the methods of scientific inquiry and the dissemination of research in neuroscience.

Prerequisites: C or better in NSCI 300, PSYC 455, or PSYC 460.

Cross-listed course: PSYC 570