Navy (NAVY)

NAVY 101  - Fundamentals of Naval Science  (3 Credits)  
The Naval Service with emphasis on the mission, organization, regulation, and components of the Navy and Marine Corps.
NAVY 102  - U.S. Military History  (3 Credits)  
A historical survey on the importance of military doctrine and the many roles of the United States Military covering from the American Revolution to present day. HIST 468 or ARMY 406 may be taken in lieu of this course to meet the Naval ROTC History requirement.
NAVY 111  - Naval Military Laboratory  (0 Credits)  
Military drill, cruise preparation, customs, traditions, and special areas of knowledge required of commissioned officers in the Navy and Marine Corps. Pass/Fail grading.
NAVY 201  - Naval Ships Systems I  (3 Credits)  
Types, structure, and purpose of naval ships. Hydrodynamic forces, stability, compartmentation, electrical, and auxiliary systems. Theory of design and operation of steam, gas turbine, and nuclear propulsion. Shipboard safety and firefighting.
NAVY 202  - Naval Ships Systems II  (3 Credits)  
Fire control systems, weapons types, capabilities, and limitations. Physical aspects of radar and underwater sound for target acquisition, threat analysis, tracking, weapons selection, delivery, and guidance. Explosives, fusing, and naval ordnance.
NAVY 301  - Navigation/Naval Operations I  (4 Credits)  
Piloting and celestial navigation theory, principles, and procedures. Tides, current, weather, use of navigational instruments and equipments, and practicum. Laboratory required.
NAVY 301L  - Navigation/Naval Operations Lab I  (0 Credits)  
Laboratory work in piloting and celestial navigation to complement Naval Science 301. One hour per week.
NAVY 302  - Navigation/Naval Operations II  (4 Credits)  
International and Inland Rules of the Road; relative motion-vector analysis; ship handling, employment, tactics, and afloat communications; and operations analysis. Laboratory required.
NAVY 302L  - Navigation/Naval Operations II Lab  (0 Credits)  
Laboratory work in maneuvering board (vector analysis) and Rules of the Road to complement Naval Science 302. One hour per week.
NAVY 303  - Evolution of the Art of War  (3 Credits)  
A survey of military history emphasizing principles of warfare, strategy and tactics, and significant military leaders and organizations.
NAVY 401  - Naval Leadership and Management I  (3 Credits)  
Theory and principles of management, focusing on the officer-manager as an organizational decision maker. Includes interpersonal skills; behavior factors; group dynamics.
Graduation with Leadership Distinction: GLD: Professional and Civic Engagement Leadership Experiences
NAVY 402  - Naval Leadership and Ethics  (3 Credits)  
Integration of professional military competencies and qualities of effective leadership with emphasis on moral and ethical responsibilities, accountability, communications, and military law for the junior officer.
Graduation with Leadership Distinction: GLD: Professional and Civic Engagement Leadership Experiences
NAVY 403  - Fundamentals of Maneuver Warfare  (3 Credits)  
The history of Maneuver Warfare emphasizing doctrine and techniques while enabling students to become critical thinkers and better prepare them for future service.