Counseling Education (EDCE)

EDCE 210  - Career Planning and Development  (3 Credits)  
Introduction to the career planning and development process through an understanding of one’s own career journey. Overview of how counselors assist individuals in the career decision process.
EDCE 340  - Counseling Through a Multicultural Lens: Understanding Self and Others  (3 Credits)  
Introduction to counseling aspects and counseling skills that focus on the understanding of self and others from a multicultural perspective.
EDCE 350  - Interpersonal Communication Skills  (3 Credits)  
Introduction to effective interpersonal communication skills.
EDCE 360  - Introduction to the Counseling Profession  (3 Credits)  
Overview of and introduction to areas of the counseling profession.
EDCE 502  - Guidance Techniques for Classroom Teachers  (3 Credits)  
EDCE 503  - Family Counseling  (3 Credits)  
A comparative study of the major theories in the field of family counseling.
EDCE 507  - Educators in Industry  (3 Credits)  
The course is designed to provide counselors, teachers, and administrators with increased awareness of a wide variety of work experiences.
EDCE 510  - Introduction to Counseling  (3 Credits)  
Orientation to the profession of counseling including its historical, social, and cultural foundations. Declaration of the minor in counseling or admission to the Ed.S. in Counselor Education.
EDCE 520  - Wellness and Mental Health  (3 Credits)  
An overview of the characteristics of optimal holistic wellness and human functioning. Practical application of theoretically and empirically supported wellness models and interventions to enhance social, emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual well-being.
EDCE 555  - Theory and Practice of College Mentoring  (3 Credits)  
Emphasis on current professional approaches to college mentoring and development of leadership and mentoring skills. Students must participate in Minority Assistance Program. Upper division undergraduate standing or admission to a graduate program and consent of instructors.
EDCE 570  - Seminar in Counseling  (3 Credits)  
A seminar focusing on current professional issues in counseling.
EDCE 600  - Communication Skills in Counseling  (3 Credits)  
Human relations principles applied to the counseling interview.
EDCE 650  - Counseling Student Athletes  (3 Credits)  
Issues facing student athletes regarding their personal and career development beyond athletics.
Cross-listed course: PEDU 660
EDCE 690  - Independent Study  (1-3 Credits)