Women's and Gender Studies Minor

Students who complete a minor in Women’s and Gender Studies will be on track to pursue careers in healthcare, law, journalism, business, education, social work, politics and more. Employees with a Women’s and Gender Studies background are particularly attractive to employers because they know how to succeed in an increasingly globalizing and diversifying world.   

Students who take Women’s and Gender Studies courses gain deeper understanding of women and other underrepresented groups through research and community involvement. In addition to gaining skills that translate well into future employment or graduate studies, students learn to think critically, communicate effectively, solve problems, and interpret human experiences with empathy and insight.  

Minor Requirements (18 Hours)

Core Courses (6 Hours)

Course Title Credits
WGST 112Introduction to Women's and Gender Studies3
WGST 113Women's Health3
Total Credit Hours6

Additional Courses (12 Hours)

Select twelve hours from the following:

  • 3 hours of WGST courses or cross-listed courses numbered 200 and above as approved by the program.
  • 9 hours of WGST courses or cross-listed courses numbered 300 and above, or courses relevant to WGST numbered 300 and above, as approved by the program


Occasionally, special topics courses offered by various academic departments and approved by Women’s and Gender Studies may also be applied to the minor.

No more than one Independent Study course (3 hours) may be applied to the minor. Independent Study requires the approval of the Director of Women’s and Gender Studies.