Law and Society Interdisciplinary Minor

The Law and Society minor offers students a broad way to think about contemporary issues and to examine important lessons from history. Students can take courses from a wide range of fields, guided by their individual goals, including political science, comparative literature, religious studies, Jewish studies, anthropology, history, speech/rhetoric and more. Students develop strong critical thinking skills, with extensive reading, research and writing experience. 

The Law and Society minor is ideal for students who wish to advance to law school as well as those interested in engaging deeply with these topics. This interdisciplinary minor complements many primary fields of study and gives students an edge for competitive graduate and post-baccalaureate programs. Students who complete the minor will also be equipped for jobs in public service, such as nonprofit management or advocacy work, among others. 

Minor Requirements (18 hours)

The Law and Society minor consists of 18 credit hours or 6 courses.

  • Two courses (6 hours) must be chosen from offerings listed under “Foundational Courses” (Group A).
  • Four Courses (12 hours) must be chosen from offerings listed under “Specialized Courses” (Group B)
Course Title Credits
Group A: Foundational
Select two of the following:6
Understanding Other Cultures
Introduction to Economics
Literature and Society
American Founding Documents
Special Topics in Philosophy
Introduction to Philosophy
Special Topics in Ethics and Values
Introduction to Formal Logic I
Introduction to Formal Logic II
Contemporary Moral Issues
Communicating Moral Issues
American National Government
Morality, Ethics, and Religion
Public Communication
Communicating Moral Issues
Argumentation and Debate
Group B: Specialized
Select four of the following:12
Survey of Commercial Law
Anthropology of Law and Conflict
Law and Economics
Literature and Law
Introduction to Rhetoric
Technical Writing
Business Writing
Global Media Industries
Political Geography
Global Media Industries
Constitutional History of the United States
Hotel and Restaurant Law
Law and Ethics of Mass Communications
Corporate Social Responsibility and Stakeholder Management
Social and Political Philosophy
Crime and Justice
Law and Religion
Social and Political Philosophy
Classical and Medieval Political Theory
Modern Political Theory
Contemporary Political Theory
Gender and Politics
International Law
Law and Contemporary International Problems
Constitutional Law I: Institutional Powers
Constitutional Law II: Civil Liberties
The Judicial Process
Women and the Law
Law and Religious Traditions
Legal Aspects of Entrepreneurship and E-Commerce
Fashion and the Law
Cyberethics and Information Policy
Social Issues in Information and Communications Technologies
An Introduction to Social Inequality
Introduction to Social Problems
Sociology of Social Control
Sociology of Law
Organizational Communication
Persuasive Communication
Introduction to Rhetoric
Business Law
Sport and the Law
Sport and Entertainment Contracts and Negotiations
Entertainment and the Law
Gender and Politics
Women and the Law
Total Credit Hours18

Note: Departmental or Honors College special topics courses focused on law and society may satisfy minor requirements in either Group A or B, provided that the course substitutions are pre-approved by the Office of Undergraduate Studies in Flinn Hall in consultation with faculty content experts.  Email a syllabus along with a request for substitution and any other relevant details to for pre-approval. Appeals to register in pre-approved honors college courses should be directed to the Honors College.  Courses used to satisfy Carolina Core requirements may not also be used to fulfill minor requirements.