Cardiovascular Technology

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Cardiovascular disease is the leading cause of death globally, and the incidence is expected to rise as the population ages.  Currently, there is a great unmet need in the health care field for individuals capable of diagnosing and treating heart conditions.  The cardiovascular technology major prepares students with not only the technical, procedural, and behavioral competencies needed to enter this sector of the health care field through an immersive 15-18 month clinical externship at an accredited partner institution but also with interdisciplinary coursework spanning the gamut of a liberal arts education to ready students for leadership roles in health care settings.  With a B.S. degree in  cardiovascular technology, students gain critical thinking and communication skills, have an keen appreciation of basic science principles underlying how the human body functions, and are introduced to the health economic and health management principles of the field.  The major offers an attractive option for both those who wish to begin a health care career immediately upon graduation as well as to those who intend to pursue advanced graduate degrees in health allied fields (like medical school or physician assistant programs).