Renaissance Studies Minor

The Renaissance studies minor provides an interdisciplinary approach to understanding a vibrant and complex time in human history. Course offerings include art history, classics, political science, dance and literature, among other topics. Students have flexibility to choose from areas most relevant to their interests and academic goals. For students considering graduate school, the minor offers many advantages. The courses cover substantive topics and provide training in academic skills and methods, such as writing, analysis and research. This minor complements many primary areas of study, such as art or architecture, English, history, theater, political science and more.  

Minor Requirements (18 Hours)

Required Courses

Course Title Credits
Select 18 hours from the following:18
History of Italian Renaissance Art
History of Northern Renaissance Art
History of Renaissance Painting
History of Renaissance Sculpture
History of Renaissance Architecture
Florentine Art
Introduction to Classical Mythology
Classical Mythology
Historic Dance
The Renaissance
Tudor Literature
English Drama to 1660
Shakespeare's Tragedies
Shakespeare’s Comedies and Histories
French Literature and Culture Before 1800
Medieval German Literature and Culture
Family and Society in Europe, c. 1200-1700
Magic and Witchcraft in Europe, c. 1200-1700
Italian Literature in Translation
History of Western Music I
Renaissance Philosophy
Classical and Medieval Political Theory
Modern Political Theory
Hebrew Bible (Old Testament)
New Testament
Renaissance and Golden Age Literature
History of Costume
History of the Theatre I
Dramatic Theory I
Total Credit Hours18

Note: Topics courses with appropriate content may be used as part of the minor.