Statistics (STAT)

STAT 110  - Introduction to Statistical Reasoning  (3 Credits)  
A course in statistical literacy. Topics include data sources and sampling, concepts of experimental design, graphical and numerical data description, measuring association for continuous and categorical variables, introduction to probability and statistical inference, and use of appropriate software. Credit given only for STAT 110 or STAT 112.
Carolina Core: ARP
STAT 112  - Statistics and the Media  (3 Credits)  
Statistics and the Media. (3) Statistical and information literacy. Experimental and survey design; descriptive statistics; basic probability; simple confidence intervals and hypothesis tests; statistical software; collection, management, and evaluation of information; and presentation of statistics in the media. Credit given for only STAT 110 or STAT 112.
Carolina Core: ARP, INF
STAT 201  - Elementary Statistics  (3 Credits)  
Introduction to the fundamentals of modern statistical methods, including descriptive statistics, probability, random sampling, simple linear regression, correlation, tests of hypotheses, and estimation.
Prerequisites: MATH 111 or MATH 115 or STAT 110.
Carolina Core: ARP
STAT 205  - Elementary Statistics for the Biological and Life Sciences  (3 Credits)  
Introduction to fundamental statistical methods with applications in the biological and life sciences. Includes descriptive statistics; probability; one and two-sample models for population means; contingency tables (including relative risk, odds ratios, case-control studies, and estimation of sensitivity and specificity); linear regression; logistic regression; aspects of survival analysis, and ANOVA.
Prerequisites: MATH 111 or higher.
Carolina Core: ARP