Finance (FINA)

FINA 301  - Money and Banking  (3 Credits)  
The role of money in the market economy. Commercial banks, the Federal Reserve System, and monetary policy.
Prerequisites: ECON 221 and ECON 222, or ECON 224.
FINA 341  - Management of Risk and Insurance  (3 Credits)  
Introduction to decision making under uncertainty and overview of how carious markets allow individuals and organizations to diversify risk. Includes measurement of risk, behavioral bias in decision making under uncertainty, diversification of risk, the role of capital in ensuring performance, moral hazard, adverse selection, insurance pricing, and applications to public policy issues such as health care, catastrophe risk, and safety regulation.
Prerequisite or Corequisite: FINA 363.
FINA 363  - Introduction to Finance  (3 Credits)  
Basic concepts of finance related to decision making.
Prerequisites: C or better in ECON 221 and ACCT 225; C or better in STAT 206, STAT 509, STAT 511, STAT 515, or MATH 511.
FINA 364  - Financial Institutions  (3 Credits)  
A study of the functions and operations of financial institutions and their relationships to the commercial banking system and the general economy. Attention is devoted to savings institutions, insurance companies, rural and urban real estate credit, consumer credit, and associated topics.
FINA 366  - Introduction to Real Estate and Urban Development  (3 Credits)  
Real estate analysis and administration; basic principles, concepts, terminology, and institutional factors related to real estate decisions in the urban environment. This course fulfills a pre-examination requirement of the South Carolina Real Estate licensing law (30-hour approved course).
Prerequisites: C or better in FINA 363.
FINA 369  - Personal Finance  (3 Credits)  
Life insurance, health insurance, wills, trusts, Social Security, stocks, bonds, real estate, mutual funds, and other uses of funds.
FINA 467  - Real Estate Finance  (3 Credits)  
The nature and importance of credit in real estate development and operations; legal framework, sources of mortgage funds, role of public and private financial institutions.
Prerequisites: FINA 366 or FINA 469.