Anthropology (ANTH)


ANTH 101  - Primates, People, and Prehistory  (3 Credits)  
An exploration of human origins, human evolution, human prehistory, and cultural existence from its less complex forms to early civilizations. An introduction to the concepts, methods, and data of physical, biological, and archaeological anthropology.
Carolina Core: GSS
ANTH 102  - Understanding Other Cultures  (3 Credits)  
An exploration and comparison of selected contemporary cultures, including their languages. An introduction to the concepts, methods, and data of socio-cultural anthropology and anthropological linguistics.
Carolina Core: GSS
Graduation with Leadership Distinction: GLD: Global Learning, GLD: Professional and Civic Engagement Leadership Experiences
ANTH 206  - Anthropology of Magic and Religion  (3 Credits)  
A comparative examination of such topics as ritual, cosmology, revitalization movements, magic, witchcraft, myth, and possession.
Cross-listed course: RELG 260
ANTH 207  - Gender and Culture  (3 Credits)  
Anthropological study of gender, with emphasis on cross-cultural investigation of the interaction of biological, cultural, and environmental factors including intersections of race, social class, and sexuality as influences gender behavior.
Cross-listed course: WGST 207
Graduation with Leadership Distinction: GLD: Professional and Civic Engagement Leadership Experiences
ANTH 209  - Introduction to Folklore  (3 Credits)  
Folk expression as shaped by various cultures; fieldwork methodology and anthropological theory.
ANTH 236  - Cultures of Africa  (3 Credits)  
A comparative study of ethnographic data on African cultures with emphasis upon its significance for broader anthropological theory.
ANTH 244  - American Indian Nations Today: From Hard Times to Hard Rock  (3 Credits)  
Contemporary Indian Country in anthropological, historical, cultural, economic, and political contexts.
Carolina Core: GSS, VSR
ANTH 319  - Principles of Archaeology  (3 Credits)  
Introduction to principles, methods, and theory of archaeology, including prehistoric and historic case studies.
ANTH 320  - Archaeology Theory  (3 Credits)  
This course charts the history of ideas in archaeology, over the past century, as a means of understanding current directions in archaeological thinking and current applications in archaeological practice.
Prerequisites: ANTH 319.
ANTH 321  - South Carolina Archaeology  (3 Credits)  
Prehistoric and historic archaeology of South Carolina.
ANTH 353  - Anthropology of Law and Conflict  (3 Credits)  
Understanding human behavior through the examination of cultural norms, mechanisms of social control, and social conflict.
Graduation with Leadership Distinction: GLD: Global Learning