Physical Education (PEDU)

PEDU 104  - Personal Fitness and Weight Control  (1 Credit)  
Advanced techniques for controlling weight and improving fitness through exercise, lectures, and self-evaluation.
PEDU 105  - Weight Training  (1 Credit)  
Fundamentals of progressive resistance exercise training.
PEDU 106  - Advanced Weight Training  (1 Credit)  
Advanced techniques.
Prerequisites: PEDU 105.
PEDU 107  - Group Exercise  (1 Credit)  
Cardio-respiratory fitness, flexibility, muscular strength and endurance, and agility through various group exercise formats while utilizing a variety of equipment.
PEDU 108  - Fitness Swimming  (1 Credit)  
Individualized physical conditioning through lap swimming and aquatic calisthenics, games, and activities.
Prerequisites: PEDU 140.
PEDU 110  - Orientation to Physical Education  (1 Credit)  
Experiences in a variety of physical-activity areas.
PEDU 112  - Basketball  (1 Credit)  
Fundamental skills of game performance. Strategy, rules, and basic offenses and defenses.
PEDU 113  - Bowling  (1 Credit)  
Fundamental skills and techniques of bowling.
PEDU 114  - Golf  (1 Credit)  
Basic strokes, rules, and strategy of golf.
PEDU 116  - Handball  (1 Credit)  
Fundamentals, strategy, and rules of handball.
PEDU 117  - Karate  (1 Credit)  
PEDU 119  - Soccer  (1 Credit)  
Fundamental skills for game performance; history, rules, and game strategy.
PEDU 120  - Softball  (1 Credit)  
Fundamental skills for game performance; history, rules, and game strategy.
PEDU 121  - Beginning Tennis  (1 Credit)  
Basic strokes, history, rules, and strategy of the game.
PEDU 122  - Volleyball  (1 Credit)  
Recreational and competitive volleyball skills.
PEDU 129  - Racquetball  (1 Credit)  
Fundamental skills, rules, and terminology.
PEDU 132  - Intermediate Tennis  (1 Credit)  
Intermediate skills and strategies.
Prerequisites: PEDU 121.
PEDU 136  - Yoga  (1 Credit)  
Fundamental skills and terminology.
PEDU 140  - Beginning Swimming  (1 Credit)  
Skills for safety and recreation.
PEDU 141  - Intermediate Swimming  (1 Credit)  
Prerequisites: PEDU 140.
PEDU 142  - Lifeguard Training  (1 Credit)  
Skills of lifesaving.
Prerequisites: swim 500 yards, tread water for one minute, and swim 20 feet underwater.
PEDU 143  - Water Safety Instructor Certification  (1 Credit)  
Skills, methods, and techniques to teach Red Cross Swimming and Life Saving.
Prerequisites: 17 years of age; sound physical condition; possession of the Red Cross Advanced Lifesaving Certificate, a Red Cross Swimmer Certificate, or the ability to perform the Swimmer Course.
PEDU 148  - Team Water Sports  (1 Credit)  
Fundamental skills, rules, and strategies for participation in team water sports.
Prerequisites: intermediate swimming skills.
PEDU 149  - Survival Swimming  (1 Credit)  
Skills and techniques for survival under adverse conditions.
Prerequisites: swim 100 yards, tread water for one minute, and swim 20 feet underwater.
PEDU 170  - Beginning Latin Dance  (1 Credit)  
Introductory course to multiple styles of social Latin dancing including Salsa, Merengue and Bachatta. Designed to develop the skills and techniques necessary for social level Latin dancing. Emphasis will be placed on basic social elements of dance, patterns, music, and leading and following.
PEDU 181  - Equestrian  (1 Credit)  
Fundamentals of riding, grooming and tacking.
PEDU 182  - Backpacking  (1 Credit)  
Living in the out-of-doors; gear selection, map and compass reading, backpacking, hiking, and camping.
PEDU 183  - Canoeing  (1 Credit)  
Fundamentals of lake, river, and whitewater canoeing.
PEDU 184  - Snow Skiing  (1 Credit)  
Fundamental skills and techniques.