Hospitality Management with National Taiwan Normal University, Ph.D.


  1. Students enrolled in a Doctoral degree program from both parties are eligible to apply for the program. Each institution will admit a minimum number of two qualified students to the dual degree program in the beginning of the program, and annually thereafter. Throughout the course of the agreement, the number of the dual degree students may be modified by mutual agreement.
  2. The home institution will be responsible for selecting and nominating students to be considered for admission to the host institution. The host institution shall make the final admission decision based upon established admission criteria.
  3. Both NTNU and USC students for the dual degree program will be evaluated on the strength of their application and supporting documents. Candidates with a grade point average (GPA) of 3.0 or higher on a 4.0 scale (or equivalent marks) are preferred for this program. Additionally, students are required to submit individual curriculum vitae, personal statement, and two letters of recommendation from the faculty of the home institution to the host institution for admission. Admission interviews may be conducted by the faculty of the host institution.
  4. NTNU students are required to submit English proficiency examination reports to USC that meet minimum test score requirements, including a TOEFL score of 80iBT (570 PBT) or a score of 6.5 on the IELTS. NTNU student participants will be exempted from submitting GRE and GMAT scores.  

Degree Requirements

Student participants may transfer up to 21 credits in the required courses to USC.

Required Courses (15 hours)

Course Title Credits
HRSM 700Quantitative Methods in HRSM3
HTMT 740Services Management and Customer Experience in the Hospitality Industry3
HTMT 750Hospitality Marketing and Social Media3
HRSM 788Business Research and Analytics in Hospitality, Retail and Sports Management3
HTMT 850Scientific Foundations of Hospitality Management3
Total Credit Hours15

Research Core (15 hours)

Course Title Credits
Select three courses in Statistics9
Select one qualitative research methods course3
Select one quantitative research methods course3
Total Credit Hours15

Cognates (12 Credits)

Dissertation (Minimum 18 Credits)

Course Title Credits
HTMT 899Dissertation (minimum of 18 hours)18