Biomedical Sciences / Medicine, Ph.D. / M.D. (Medical Scientist Training Program)

Degree Requirements Ph.D. (62 Hours) / M.D. (161 Hours)

The School of Medicine is dedicated to the goals of preparing students in the art and science of medicine and providing students with a background for further postgraduate training in a variety of fields of medicine. The curriculum is designed to promote professional growth and a compassionate response to patients’ needs, to assist students in understanding the complexity of patient care, and to provide students with a perspective on the role of medicine in society.

The seven-year MD-PhD curriculum consists of basic science courses and clerkships in applied clinical medicine, together with three years of laboratory research. All students are required to complete a specific set of courses during the seven years. Elective opportunities are presented throughout the curriculum to assist students in pursuing their individual interests and career goals.

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