Business Administration with American University of Sharjah, Ph.D.

Program Structure:

  1. Dual degree students will take foundational methods and functional (cognate) courses at AUS during their first two semesters in the doctoral program.  This includes, but is not restricted to, statistics, research methods, qualitative methods, philosophy of science, econometrics, organizational theory, organizational behavior and strategy management. 
  2. Dual degree students will then matriculate to South Carolina for three semesters.  The courses taken during this period will be to fulfill the South Carolina major requirements, as well as remaining methods and cognate courses to fulfill the doctoral degree course requirements.
  3. During the time students are at South Carolina, a paper or research project may be required of dual degree students to fulfill AUS program requirements.  Such an activity(s) will be jointly supervised by faculty from AUS and South Carolina.
  4. Dual degree students then return to their home institution and complete their dissertation under the supervision of faculty from both universities.

Faculty Composition of Dissertation Committees:

  1. The dissertation may be a single study or may consist of two or three papers. Since a dual degree student’s research will be collaboratively supervised between the two institutions, it will be expected that dissertation committees will consist of faculty from both institutions. Each institution’s policies and regulations about faculty membership of dissertation committees will be respected.
  2. At South Carolina, the Chair (or Co-chair) of the committee must be a regular member of the graduate faculty. A faculty member from the AUS may serve as co-chair of the committee, if receiving a term appointment to the Graduate faculty. Faculty from AUS may serve as members of the dissertation committee as an outside member.
  3. At South Carolina, funding for faculty to travel to participate in dissertation committee work is the responsibility of the individual faculty member or department, contingent upon availability of funding. A student defending a dissertation shall not be responsible for travel costs of faculty members.