Public Health/Health Services Policy Management, M.P.H with Nanjing Medical University

Degree Requirements (45 hours)

It is believed that the students will typically take 12 or less credit hours as non-degree seeking students.  If students take 12 or less credit hours as non-degree seeking students, it is possible that the degree can be completed in two years beyond non-degree seeking status.  It is expected that students will apply to the Graduate School after the first semester as a non-degree seeking student.

Public Health Core Requirements (16 hours)

Course Title Credits
PUBH 725Quantitative Methods for Public Health Practice II3
PUBH 726Qualitative Methods for Public Health Practice3
PUBH 730Public Health Systems, Policy, and Leadership3
PUBH 735Practical Applications of Public Health Planning4
PUBH 678Transforming Health Care for the Future1
Total Credit Hours14

Public Health Management Requirements (18 hours)

Course Title Credits
Required Management Courses
HSPM 712Health Economics3
HSPM 726Applied Public Health Law for Administrators3
HSPM 730Financing of Health Care3
HSPM 768Health Services Administration II3
Management Electives
Two courses selected in consultation with advisor; possible courses include the following:6
Health and Economic Development: Interrelationships among health, poverty and economic progress
Perspectives in Rural Health
Information Systems in Health Administration
Perspectives in Community Health Organizations
Quantitative Methods for Health Administration
Long-Term Care Administration
Organizational Behavior
International Health
Quality Management in Healthcare
Physician Practice Management
Healthcare Policy and Principles of Health Insurance
Total Credit Hours18

Public Health and Healthcare Policy Requirements (6 hours)

Course Title Credits
HSPM 727Advancing Public Health Policy3
Select one Policy Elective from the following:3
Health Politics
Public Health Advocacy and Policy
The Public Policy Process
Theories of Comparative Politics
Race and Public Policy|
Another course selected in consultation with advisor
Total Credit Hours6

Practice Experience and Capstone Requirements (5 hours)

Course Title Credits
HSPM 788Applied Practice Experience3
HSPM 796Integrative Learning Experience2
Total Credit Hours5