Business Administration/Pharmacy, M.B.A. / Pharm.D.

Degree Requirements

P.M.B.A. Program

The UofSC Professional M.B.A. program offers a flexible M.B.A. format designed for professionals from all industry backgrounds who are looking to gain the skills and connections needed to distinguish themselves in the marketplace and achieve greater levels of professional success and impact.

Core Courses (27 hours)

Course Title Credits
ACCT 725Financial Accounting for Professional MBA Students3
MGSC 711Quantitative Methods in Business3
MGMT 770Competing Through People3
ACCT 726Managerial Accounting for Professional MBA Students3
FINA 760Financial Policies3
ECON 720Managerial Economics3
MKTG 701Marketing Management3
MGSC 791Operations Management3
MBAD 702Strategic Management3
Total Credit Hours27

Electives (21 hours)

Electives in the P.M.B.A. program are intended to complement the core curriculum. Students select electives based on areas of interest as they progress through the curriculum, or they may choose to specialize their electives in a functional area. Specializations are available in finance, international business, innovation/entrepreneurship and marketing. To complete a specialization, students must take a minimum of four of their electives in a single area.

Electives in the P.M.B.A. program are available in multiple, flexible formats: seven-week term courses that meet one night per week (some seven-week elective courses may utilize residency days on the UofSC Columbia campus) and immersion courses that may utilize three to four residency days over a seven- to 14-week time frame (Fridays or Saturdays) on the UofSC Columbia campus.  The P.M.B.A. program also offers two to three optional study abroad courses yearly. Students visit with business executives, tour manufacturing facilities and attend government briefings in seven to 10 days.

Elective Courses in the Moore School of Business 

These electives are chosen from a number of approved elective offerings of the Moore School of Business.

International Business Concentration

The international business specialization develops skills in doing business across national boundaries and diverse cultures. Course offerings include a study abroad experience to learn firsthand how business is conducted in other countries, international management, international finance and foreign legal systems. To complete the international business concentration, students are required to take four of their seven electives in international business. One of these electives must beIBUS 750, a course which requires a study abroad experience.

Finance Concentration

An emphasis in finance will prepare students for senior positions in financial service industries such as banking and investment management firms, as well as corporate finance positions. Finance courses provide a core set of skills in financial modeling, valuation, mergers and acquisitions, risk management, financial reporting and analysis.

Course Title Credits
FINA 761Advanced Financial Management3
FINA 762Investment Management3
Select two of the following:6
Derivative Products and Analysis
Risk Management
Financial Statement Analysis
Management of Financial Institutions
Real Estate Finance
Fixed-Income Securities
Project Finance
International Financial Management
Total Credit Hours12

Innovation and Entrepreneurship Concentration

The innovation and entrepreneurship concentration focuses on providing PMBA students with the skills and competencies needed to excel in the following areas:

  • developing and launching new ventures, whether as standalone entities or as new businesses within established corporations
  • managing and funding small businesses and scalable new ventures
  • directing the development of new products and services
  • ensuring that appropriate strategies are in place to protect/appropriate the value associated with these new ideas and initiatives
Course Title Credits
Select four of the following:12
International Intellectual Property Management
Specialized Study in International Business
Strategic Management of Technology and Innovation
Strategic Analysis and Application of Innovation
Strategic Innovation Planning and Processes
Innovation and New Venture Analysis
Small Business Management
Entrepreneurial Finance and the Dynamics of Emerging Ventures
Entrepreneurial Finance and the Dynamics of Emerging Ventures
Innovation and Design
Project Management
Total Credit Hours12

Marketing Concentration

Marketing managers must see customers, products and services as assets. The PMBA Marketing Concentration builds skills in marketing strategy, research and consumer behavior. Courses in customer relationship management/datamining and internet marketing are also offered.

Course Title Credits
Select four of the following:12
Marketing Research
Consumer Behavior
Marketing Communications
Product and Branding Policies
Customer Relationship Management and Data Mining
Topics in Marketing Thought and Practice
Pricing Strategy and Analysis
Fundamentals of Marketing Analytics
Social and Digital Media Strategies for Businesses
Business to Business Marketing
Sales: Process, People and Performance
Total Credit Hours12

Human Resources Management Concentration

Four courses are to be selected from the following list. Not all courses will be available at all times. Electives targeting Human Resource Management include:

Course Title Credits
Select four of the following:12
Human Resources and the Global Firm
Managing Cross-border Teams
Management of Human Resources
Management of Compensation
Labor Relations
Human Resource and Business Strategy
Consulting and Organizational Development in MNCs
Employee and Leadership Development
Organizational Misconduct
Special Topics in Business
Specialized Study in International Business
Total Credit Hours12

Note: While all courses listed count toward the HRM concentration, for those committed to pursuing a career in HRM we strongly encourage taking three of the following four courses: MGMT 718, MGMT 720, MGMT 726, and MGMT 772.

Pharm.D. Program 

The UofSC Pharm.D. program is a four‑year professional degree program which includes classroom instruction and hands-on learning through introductory and advanced pharmacy practice experiences. Pharmacy school coursework, in combination with clinical training, will prepare students for the technical, scientific and patient-care requirements of pharmacy practice.


Course Title Credits
PHMY 602Foundations of Pathophysiology and Pharmacology I2
PHMY 607Dosage Forms and Drug Delivery Systems4
PHMY 615Pharmaceutical Biochemistry3
PHMY 621Foundations of Medicinal Chemistry I3
PHMY 650Introduction to Pharmacy Practice2
PHMY 656Pharmacy Calculations2
PHMY 671Pharmacy Skills Lab I: Compounding and Applied Pharmaceutics1
PHMY 680Introduction to Drug Information1
PHMY 603Foundations of Pathophysiology and Pharmacology II3
PHMY 618Genomics, Pharmacogenomics, and Personalized Medicine3
PHMY 624Foundations of Medicinal Chemistry II3
PHMY 657Medical Terminology1
PHMY 661Clinical Applications II1
PHMY 670Pharmacy Skill Lab II: Introduction to Community Pharmacy1
PHMY 690Transforming Healthcare1
PHMY 750Self-Care and Complementary Medicines4
PHMY 699Introductory Community Practice Pharmacy Experience4
PHMY 610Microbiology/Immunology4
PHMY 710Biopharmaceutics and Pharmacokinetics3
PHMY 722Pathophysiologyand Pharmacology I3
PHMY 760Clinical Applications III1
PHMY 772Pharmacotherapy I4
PHMY 790Pharmacy Skills Lab III: Introduction to Health-Systems Pharmacy1
PHMY 723Pathophysiology and Pharmacology II2
PHMY 761Clinical Applications IV1
PHMY 773Pharmacotherapy II5
PHMY 780Outcomes Design and Assessment3
PHMY 890Clinical Pharmacokinetics3
PHMY 791Pharmacy Skills Lab IV: Applied Health-Systems Pharmacy1
PHMY 798Introductory Institutional Practice Pharmacy Experience4
PHMY 771Pharmacy Skills Lab V: Applied Community Pharmacy2
PHMY 822Pathophysiology and Pharmacology III3
PHMY 850Health Care Systems and Management4
PHMY 860Clinical Applications V1
PHMY 873Pharmacotherapy III4
PHMY 880Advanced Drug Information2
PHMY 823Pathophysiology and Pharmacology IV2
PHMY 861Clinical Applications VI1
PHMY 874Pharmacotherapy IV5
PHMY 885Pharmacy Law and Ethics3
PHMY 895Clinical Assessment3
PHMY 9XX APPE x 1-44-16
PHMY 9XX APPE x 1-44-16
PHMY 9XX APPE x 1-44-16
PHMY 999Clinical Seminar1

Courses in one program that count toward the other for Dual Degree students:

Pharm.D. students have to take 8 hours of electives.  The College of Pharmacy will count 8 hours from any combination of core or elective P.M.B.A. courses as Pharm.D. elective credit for students earning the dual degree.  All courses approved by the Moore School for the PMBA program may be applied towards Pharm.D. elective credit as approved by the Curriculum Committee in the College of Pharmacy and published on the program's website.

P.M.B.A. students have to take 21 hours of electives.  The Darla Moore School of Business will count 9 hours of Pharm.D. course work as electives for students earning the dual degree.  The precise pharmacy courses that will count toward the M.B.A. degree will come from a list of approved courses determined before the beginning of each academic year by the P.M.B.A. Program Committee in the DMSB and published on the program's website. The list of courses will be re-evaluated at the time of any substantive Pharm.D. course changes and in the event that a new Pharm.D. course is developed which may warrant consideration as a M.B.A. elective.