Business Analytics, M.S.B.A/One-Year M.B.A.

The Darla Moore School of Business offers a combined degree program that permits a student to obtain the Master of Science in Business Analytics and One-Year MBA degrees in approximately two years. Through the combined program, the total course load maybe reduced since 12 credits can be shared between the programs.


Student must meet the admission requirements of both programs to be admitted to the combination program. Please visit the Darla Moore School of Business website for admissions information.

MSBA Degree Requirements (30 hours)

Course Title Credits
The required course work consists of 30 credit hours:
Five Core Courses:
MGSC 777Advanced Quantitative Methods in Business3
MGSC 790Data Resource Management3
MGSC 711Quantitative Methods in Business3
MGSC 772Project Management3
ECON 736Applied Econometrics3
or MKTG 722 Data Science for Business Decision Making
Four Elective Courses: 112
One Practicum Project Course or Related Internship
BADM 790Special Topics in Business 23-4
Total Credit Hours30-31

Take four elective courses from an approved list determined before the beginning of each academic year by the Business Analytics Committee at the Darla Moore School of Business and published on the program’s website.  Selection of electives should allow a student to be generalist or take a deeper dive into a particular discipline.  Some electives may require pre-requisite courses or prior experience in a functional domain.


or equivalent 

One-Year MBA Degree Requirements

One-Year MBA students will take 41 credit hours as specified below

Business Foundations Core (12 Hours Minimum)

Course Title Credits
DMSB 710Financial Accounting in the Global Environment2-3
DMSB 712Quantitative Methods in Business2-3
DMSB 713Global Economics3
DMSB 717Management Accounting in the Global Environment2-3
MGSC 777Advanced Quantitative Methods in Business3
Total Credit Hours12-15

Functional Core (11 Hours Minimum)

Course Title Credits
DMSB 711Global Strategic Management I2-3
DMSB 715Global Finance3
DMSB 716Global Marketing Management3
DMSB 718Global Supply Chain and Operations Management3
DMSB 723Leading Teams and Organizations2-3
Total Credit Hours13-15

Electives (18 Hours Minimum)

  • These electives are chosen from the list of approved elective offerings of the Moore School of Business. Individual departments may require specific electives to be taken in order to fulfill requirements for identified specializations.