Russian Minor

Minor Requirements (18 Hours)

Eighteen credit hours above Russian 122 as follows:

Course Title Credits
RUSS 201Intermediate Russian I3
RUSS 202Intermediate Russian II3
RUSS 301Russian Conversation and Composition I3
RUSS 302Russian Conversation and Composition II3
Literature and Culture
Select six hours of RUSS courses at the 200-500 level 16
Total Credit Hours18

Topics courses may be repeated for credit under different topics.

Notes: Students who place into an upper-level language class can replace some or all of the 12 language credits with 400-level language classes or with additional RUSS literature or culture courses at the 200 to 500 level.

For more information, contact:

Alexander Ogden
Humanities Office Building, Room 805
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Judith Kalb
Humanities Office Building, Room 912
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