Chinese Studies Minor

Minor Requirements (18 Hours)

Hours Required for the Minor: 18

Required Courses

CHIN 240 and Chinese language through CHIN 322. Students who place out of some or all of the core language courses will take the 18 hours in literature, civilization and advanced language courses (as appropriate).

The following courses may be applied to the minor:

Course Title Credits
CHIN 222Intermediate Mandarin Chinese II3
CHIN 321Advanced intermediate Mandarin Chinese I3
CHIN 322Advanced Intermediate Mandarin Chinese II3
CHIN 240Chinese Culture, Tradition, and Modern Societies3


At least six hours from the following:

Course Title Credits
CHIN 335Women in China3
CHIN 341Modern Chinese Literature3
CHIN 365Screening China3
CHIN 398Selected Topics3
CPLT 303Great Books of the Eastern World3
CPLT 415Topics in Comparative Literary Relations3
ANTH 242Chinese Popular Culture3
ARTH 345History of Asian Art3
HIST 355Late Imperial China3
HIST 356China Since 19493
POLI 443International Relations of East Asia and the Pacific3
POLI 448Politics and Government of China3
RELG 220Introduction to Buddhism3
RELG 352Religions of East Asia3