Marine Science Minor

The marine science minor is designed as an introduction to the physical, chemical and biological processes that control ocean systems. Students in the minor learn how to study marine life, collect data, assess human impact, monitor and manage populations and effectively report their findings. A background in marine science can lead to careers in aquaculture, fishery management, ecology, marine conservation, policy management, sustainability and more. 

Minor Requirements (18 Hours)

Prerequisite Courses (8 Hours)

Course Title Credits
MSCI 101The Ocean Environment4
MSCI 102The Living Ocean4
Total Credit Hours8

Required Courses (12 Hours)

Course Title Credits
MSCI 311Biology of Marine Organisms4
MSCI 313The Chemistry of the Sea4
MSCI 314Physical Oceanography4
Total Credit Hours12

Additional Courses (6 Hours)

  • An additional 6 credit hours of Marine Science Major Courses must also be completed for a total of 18 credit hours numbered 301 and above. Courses applied toward general education requirements cannot be counted toward the minor. No course may satisfy both major and minor requirements. All minor courses must be passed with a grade of C or better.