Approved Courses for Southern Studies Minor

The Southern Studies Minor requires six courses: SOST 201 and SOST 202, and four more courses--from at least two disciplines--from the following list of approved courses. While not listed, special topics courses from any academic unit on campus may also count; students are encouraged to reach out to Dr. Matthew Simmons with questions about/approval for these special topics courses. All SOST courses count towards the minor.

Course Title Credits
AFAM 331Black Experience in the United States to 18653
AFAM 332Black Experience in the United States since 18653
AFAM 335/HIST 455The American Civil Rights Movement3
AFAM/ANTH 366Medicine, Disease, and Slavery3
AFAM 420Slavery, Literature & Culture3
ANTH 229Southeastern Archaeology3
ANTH 232Contemp Cultures of South Carolina3
ANTH 321South Carolina Archaeology3
ENGL 427Southern Literature3
ENGL 438ASouth Carolina Writers3
ENVR 200Natural History of South Carolina4
GEOG 221Geography of South Carolina3
GEOG 521Landscapes of South Carolina3
HIST 403The Sections and the Nation, 1828-18603
HIST 404Civil War and Reconstruction, 1860-18773
HIST 409The History of South Carolina, 1670-18653
HIST 410History of South Carolina Since 18653
HIST 442The Old South3
HIST 443The New South3
HIST 444The Civil War in American History3
HIST 445The Reconstruction of the Nation3
HIST 462Southern Intellectual and Cultural History3
HPEB 512Southern Discomfort: Public Health in the American South3
POLI 363Southern Politics3
POLI 570South Carolina Government and Politics3
RELG 374Religion in the South3