Sociology Minor

Whether students are planning to enter the workforce after graduation or to continue their academic pursuits, a minor in sociology can help them succeed. Courses in sociology offer students transferable skills that facilitate careers in consumer relations, business management, education, law, social work, research-oriented fields, health professions, government agencies, community service positions and more.  

Students learn sociological methods that will allow them to contribute to conversations surrounding gender and racial discrimination, class, poverty and other social inequalities. They also learn to challenge commonly held beliefs using data and empirical evidence, while honing the communication, collaboration and critical thinking skills that employers value. 

Minor Requirements (18 Hours)

Course Title Credits
Required Courses
SOCY 101Introductory Sociology3
SOCY 392Elementary Statistics for Sociologists3
Select one 500-level SOCY course3
Select three additional courses from SOCY 300 and above9
Total Credit Hours18