Aerospace Studies Minor

Minor Requirements (20 Hours)

Course Title Credits
General Courses
AERO 101US Air Force Heritage and Values I1
AERO 101LLeadership Laboratory 1010
AERO 102US Air Force Heritage and Values II1
AERO 102LLeadership Laboratory 1020
AERO 201Team and Leadership Fundamentals I1
AERO 201LLeadership Laboratory 2010
AERO 202Team and Leadership Fundamentals II1
AERO 202LLeadership Laboratory 2020
Professional Courses
AERO 301Leading People and Effective Communication3
AERO 302Leading People and Effective Communication II3
AERO 401National Security/Leadership Responsibilities/Commissioning Preparation3
AERO 402National Security / Leadership Responsibilities / Commissioning Preparation II3
Total Credit Hours16