Physics Minor

A physics minor offers students a foundation in the central areas of physics, such as Newtonian mechanics, electricity and magnetism, statistical physics and quantum mechanics. This minor complements many primary areas of study, particularly in the physical sciences, mathematics, engineering, computer programming and design-related fields. The physics minor also provides valuable education students need to enter professional schools, such as medicine and law.  

Minor Requirements

Prerequisite Courses

Course Title Credits
PHYS 211Essentials of Physics I3
PHYS 211LEssentials of Physics I Lab1
Total Credit Hours4

Required Courses

Course Title Credits
PHYS 212Essentials of Physics II3
PHYS 212LEssentials of Physics II Lab1
PHYS 306Principles of Physics III3
PHYS 307Introduction to Modern Physics3
PHYS 310Intermediate Experimental Physics4
Total Credit Hours14

Additional Courses

  • Three or more credits in Physics courses numbered 311 or higher.