Film and Media Studies Minor

Our program offers a film and media studies minor. Students build media literacy skills, investigate media history from an international perspective, examine the economics and labor structures of globalized media industries, and engage the central methods and concepts of the discipline. A minor in film and media studies may be of interest to students in many primary disciplines, especially English, history, business, writing and communications, journalism, the arts, music, theater, acting and more. The skills gained in the program prepare students for future graduate work or careers in fields such as archiving and library information science, business and education, to name only a few.  

Most of our classes require students to experience media (watch films, read comics, play games, etc.) as preparation for class lectures and discussion. Access to these media objects and texts are provided via the course Blackboard site.  

Minor Requirements (18 Hours)

Required Courses (6 Hours)

Develop core competencies in Film and Media Studies through these foundations courses.

Course Title Credits
FAMS 240Film and Media Analysis3
FAMS 300Film and Media History3
Total Credit Hours6

Electives (12 Hours)

Broaden and focus your understanding of film and media by selecting 4 additional FAMS courses numbered 301 or above.

Additional (non-FAMS) courses may used as electives when approved by the Director of Film and Media Studies.

Course Title Credits
FAMS 308Global Media Industries3
FAMS 310Special Topics In Popular Media3
FAMS 311Classical Hollywood Cinema3
FAMS 316Music and the Hollywood Film3
FAMS 325Superheroes across Media3
FAMS 328The Blockbuster3
FAMS 330Special Topics in Non-Film Media3
FAMS 332American Television3
FAMS 338Contemporary British Television Industry3
FAMS 350Introduction to Comics Studies3
FAMS 360Special Topics in Global Media3
FAMS 361Middle East on Screen3
FAMS 363Hong Kong Action Cinema3
FAMS 365Screening China3
FAMS 380Special Topics in Alternative Media3
FAMS 381History of Experimental Film3
FAMS 399Independent Study3-9
FAMS 470Genre Studies Film & Media3
FAMS 499Internship in Film and Media Studies3
FAMS 510Special Topics in Film and Media Histories3
FAMS 511Special Topics in Film and Media Studies3
FAMS 566Special Topics in U.S. Film and Media3
FAMS 581Critical Interactives3
FAMS 598Special Topics in Global Film and Media3