Biology Minor

Please note that the Biology minor is not available to students majoring in Chemistry or Biochemistry and Molecular Biology.

The biology minor offers students foundational knowledge of biological principles, chemistry, genetics and ecology. A background in biological sciences can lead to a variety of careers, including jobs in medicine* and allied fields, education, biotechnology, environmental agencies, science writing, forensic science, research, law, marine biology and more. Students may supplement their major course of study while honing their investigative and research skills, improving analytical and communication abilities and learning how to identify and solve problems using critical reasoning.  

*Pre-health students may especially benefit from the interdisciplinary neuroscience degrees offered at the university.  

Minor Requirements

Prerequisites (19 Hours)

Must be passed with a grade of C or higher.

Course Title Credits
BIOL 101Biological Principles I3
BIOL 101LBiological Principles I Laboratory1
BIOL 102Biological Principles II3
BIOL 102LBiological Principles II Laboratory1
CHEM 111General Chemistry I3
CHEM 111LGeneral Chemistry I Lab1
CHEM 112General Chemistry II3
CHEM 112LGeneral Chemistry II Lab1
CHEM 333Organic Chemistry I3
Total Credit Hours19

Required Biology Courses (9 Hours)

Course Title Credits
BIOL 301Ecology and Evolution3
BIOL 302Cell and Molecular Biology3
BIOL 303Fundamental Genetics3
Total Credit Hours9

Note: At least two of these must be completed before progressing to a higher level.

Biology Electives (9 Hours)

  • Nine additional hours selected from BIOL 300 through 600 levels, with at least 3 of these hours being lab credits (any course BIOL 300-599 lab course in which students have also completed the associated lecture)