African American Studies Minor

Our program investigates Black experiences in an interdisciplinary field that examines the history, culture, beliefs and actions of people of African descent in the United States and across the world. A minor in African American Studies will provide students skills to work collaboratively in various career fields, from education and criminal justice to law or journalism.   

Students learn to apply awareness and empathy to solve challenging problems, develop oral and written communication skills, explore the multi-dimensional experiences of people of color in local and global contexts, conduct research, take courses across diverse departments and work with an engaged, award-winning faculty. Our program allows students to take classes with abundant opportunities for learning and service that will enrich their experience and complement many areas of primary study.  

Minor Requirements (18 Hours)

Core Courses

Course Title Credits
AFAM 201Introduction to African American Studies: Social and Historical Foundations3
AFAM 202Introduction to African-American Studies3
Total Credit Hours6

Additional Courses (12 Hours)

  • 3 hours of an AFAM course or other course pertinent to African American Studies numbered 200 and above as approved by program.
  • 9 hours of AFAM courses or other courses pertinent to African American Studies numbered 300 and above as approved by program.

Note: No more than one Independent Study course (3 hours) may be applied to the minor. Independent Study requires the approval of the Director of African American Studies.