Orthopaedic Surgery (ORSU)

ORSU D620  - Introduction to Clinical Orthopaedic Surgery  (4 Credits)  

Designed for the prospective orthopaedic resident and for the student not planning orthopaedic specialization but desiring an extensive exposure to all phases of orthopaedic care, this elective covers preventative aspects, preoperative evaluation, surgery, and postoperative care and rehabilitation of a wide gamut of orthopaedic conditions. Pediatric, adult and geriatric patients with congenital, traumatic and degenerative problems are regularly encountered, and some neoplasms and infections are confronted. The student will work closely with the resident staff under the supervision of the faculty. The student will spend a great deal of time in the emergency and operating rooms and on the orthopaedic wards and will become acquainted with the research activities in orthopaedics. Four to six hours of didactic instruction per week are required. The student will be involved in case presentations and discussion.

ORSU D622  - Ortho Aspects/Sports Med  (1-12 Credits)  
ORSU D623  - Orthopaedic Surgery and Sports Medicine  (4 Credits)  

This rotation is designed for all students seeking sports medicine experience. Physicians involved in both non-operative and operative assessment and care of athletes staff the USC Sports Medicine Center and participate in the curriculum. Students interested in a career in Orthopaedics or those not planning an Orthopaedic specialty but looking to enhance their exposure to Sports Medicine are welcome to apply. This elective is intended to expose students to acute, chronic and overuse sports injuries, both in-season and off-season, and to the necessity for communication with allied personnel, i.e. athletic trainers, therapists, etc. On occasion, students will be expected to accompany faculty to after-hours clinics, practice and/or games for area high school, collegiate and professional teams. At least one scholarly effort will be required during the month-long rotation, i.e. conference presentation, case report. Students will also be expected to attend approximately four hours weekly of didactic teaching.

ORSU D645  - Physical Medicine & Rehab  (4 Credits)  
ORSU D648  - Intro to Musculsktl Med  (1-12 Credits)  
ORSU D649  - Orthopedic Surgery Lexington Medical Center  (4 Credits)  

To gain clinical experience in the diagnosis and management of orthopedic problems in a community hospital setting. Rotation would involve seeing patients in an office environment (history, physicial exam, office based procedures such as injections, etc, pre-op work-ups/orders) and the hospital environment (direct assistance to surgeon in the operating environment, rounding on hospitilized patients to include entering clinical notes into the Electronic Medical Record (Epic), and triaging unstable orthopedic patients in the Emergency Department).

ORSU D651  - Orthopaedic Surgery  (1-12 Credits)  
ORSU D670  - General Orthopaedic Surgery  (1-12 Credits)  

This course is designed to provide the student with a broad exposure to orthopaedic surgery. Facilities utilized during the course will include the main campus of Greenville Memorial Hospital and the Shriners Hospital for Children, Greenville Hospital. Attention will be given to basic adult and pediatric orthopaedic pathology, including general affections of the musculoskeletal system, arthritis, deformity management, trauma, sports medicine, neoplasms, general spine problems, infection, and metabolic disease. The student will be assigned to a team consisting of orthopaedic residents and faculty members. Completion of medical history and physician examination on assigned patients as well as formulation of a treatment plan will be the responsibility of the student. Participation in the preoperative evaluation, surgical treatment, and postoperative management will be expected. In addition to daily rounds, the student will participate in regularly scheduled orthopaedic conferences and clinics.

ORSU D671  - Traumatic Orthopaedics  (1-12 Credits)  
ORSU D672  - Pediatric Orthopedics  (1-12 Credits)  

The student will have the opportunity to participate in various outpatient clinics including limb deficiency, cerebral palsy, clubfoot, general pediatric orthopaedics, scoliosis, upper extremity, spina bifida, rheumatology, sports medicine and genetics. The student will also be able to observe surgeries and attend the motion analysis laboratory. The student will be expected to attend surgical case conferences, patient care rounds, resident education lectures, and journal clubs. The student may also be required to give a case report at the direction of the attending.

ORSU D673  - Sports Medicine  (1-12 Credits)  

This course is designed to give medical students exposure to full complement of Sports Medicine Care. You will spend time with Certified Athletic Trainers in/at their High School Training Room/Events, Physical Therapist treating acute and overuse athletic injuries, Physicians and Surgeons practicing Sports Medicine.

ORSU D690  - Clinical Orthopaedics  (4 Credits)  
ORSU D691  - Adult Orthopaedics  (1-12 Credits)