Curriculum (156 Hours)

The USC SOMC curriculum is designed to take students through the basic medical sciences to hands-on clinical training. During the first year of the program, students study histology, gross anatomy, and neuro anatomy in a combined course. The first year continues with an in-depth study of biochemistry and physiology. The second year integrates the study of microbiology, pathology, pharmacology, and clinical foundations through a series of system blocks. Throughout all four semesters of the first two years, students develop their skills with history-taking and physical exams and their skills analyzing research to determine best practice for patient care.

During the third year, students get hands-on training in clinical clerkships in family medicine, internal medicine/neurology, obstetrics and gynecology, pediatrics, psychiatry and surgery. While most medical students complete their core clinical training at Columbia-area affiliated hospitals, there is also an optional clinical training at the Florence Regional Campus.

The fourth year is an opportunity for students to pursue individual interests through electives, participate in acting internship(s) and a critical care rotation, and complete the Capstone course designed to prepare students for the transition to residency.

Plan of Study Grid
First Year
FallCredit Hours
MCBA D603 Foundational Medical Anatomy 12
DMED D601 Introduction to Clinical Medicine I 3
DMED D680 Application of Clinical Evidence I (ACE) 1
 Credit Hours16
PHPH D621 Medical Physiology 7
BMSC D604 Molecular Foundations of Medicine 8
DMED D602 Introduction to Clinical Medicine I 4
DMED D680 Application of Clinical Evidence I (ACE) 1
 Credit Hours20
Second Year
DMED D603 Introduction to Clinical Medicine II 2
DMED D683 General Principles 5
DMED D685 Cardiovascular 4
DMED D686 Renal 2
DMED D687 Pulmonary 2
DMED D688 Hematology 3
DMED D689 Musculoskeletal (MSK) System 2
DMED D681 Application of Clinical Evidence II (ACE) 1
 Credit Hours21
DMED D604 Introduction to Clinical Medicine II 2
DMED D681 Application of Clinical Evidence II (ACE) 1
DMED D694 Gastrointestinal (GI) 3
DMED D695 Endocrine/Reproduction 4
DMED D696 Neuroscience 6
DMED D697 Integrated Disease 2
 Credit Hours18
Third Year
FPMD D605 Family Medicine Clerkship 6
MEDI D611 Medicine/Neurology 12
OBGY D605 Obstetrics/Gynecology Clerkship 6
PEDI D605 Pediatrics Clerkship 8
NPSY D605 Psychiatry Clerkship 6
SURG D605 Surgery Clerkship 8
Electives (2) 2
DMED D643 Intersession Week 1
 Credit Hours49
Fourth Year
DMED D647 USMLE Step 2 Preparation 4
DMED D607 Capstone 4
Acting Internship 4
Critical Care 4
Electives 16
 Credit Hours32
 Total Credit Hours156