Neurology (NEUR)

NEUR D615  - Gen Neurology Wards Actng Int  (4 Credits)  
NEUR D639  - Neurology Selective  (1-4 Credits)  
Up to 10% of patients seen by family practitioners present with neurological symptoms and pose neurological questions to their physicians. Only16% of the 45 million Americans who visit a physician for a chief complaint referable to the nervous system are ever evaluated by neurologists. In studies of hospitalized patients, the proportion admitted for a neurology diagnosis ranges from 5 to 19%, and the proportion with secondary neurological diagnosis is much higher. Clearly, primary care physicians are routinely called upon to evaluate and manage patients with neurological disease. Practicing physicians require a firm understanding of the general principles of clinical neurology. For those students who are interested in primary care, neurology or related fields; this four-week neurology elective in the fourth year is the suitable setting to lay the foundation for a better understanding of clinical neurology, to introduce neurology sub-specialties, or to offer student introductory exposure to neurology research. In the Columbia campus, the selective neurology students are assigned to the University Specialty Clinic – Palmetto Richland Memorial Hospital , Dorn VA Hospital, or Bryan Psychiatry Hospital. The MIV selective neurology in Greenville campus is conducted by Dr. John R. Absher. At the Columbia campus, we will accept the M-IV students on even numbered rotation blocks, limiting to 6 students each time, as neurology clerks. The M-IV selective neurology clerkship is conducted by Dr. John Absher who will accept one or two MIV students in each rotation period.
NEUR D690  - Neurology Away Elective  (4 Credits)  
NEUR D695  - Neurology Away Acting Internship  (4 Credits)