Cell Biol & Anatomy (MCBA)

MCBA D603  - Foundational Medical Anatomy  (12 Credits)  
A twelve-hour, fall semester, first-year medical course involving the combined comprehensive study of human gross anatomy, neuroanatomy, microscopic anatomy, and developmental anatomy. The macro and micro structure of cells, tissues, organs, and systems are studied through an integrated and regional approach, and the functional significance of their morphological features are presented. The course is presented and taught in a collaborative, learning atmosphere by which students learn the names, relationships, and basic functions of body structures. The course relies significantly on a commitment to rigorous independent study. Primary methods of instruction include: lecture; case-based discussion/presentation; ultrasonography; cadaveric laboratory dissections; microscopic laboratory experiences through slides, digitized images, and electron micrographs; and independent learning experiences. Students integrate basic concepts and principles of structures as they pertain to clinical medicine. Web-based instructional methods and videodisc databases are used to present human anatomy and other supporting information relating to overall course content, primarily during laboratory sessions. The goal of laboratory sessions is to facilitate critical thinking skills and correlation of basic science information with clinical problems. Modes of assessment include departmental written multiple choice/essay examination, laboratory practical examination, oral assessment/presentation, and objective structured clinical examination (OSCE).
MCBA D622  - Clinical Anatomy  (1-4 Credits)  
This elective is designed to meet the specific needs or interests of individual students. A program is proposed by the student for faculty approval which normally includes the completion of a number of cadaver dissections. Normal gross anatomy is presented and integrated with relevant clinical material during oral presentations. Clinical faculty are involved whenever possible.