Ophthalmology (OPTH)

OPTH D620  - Ophthalmology  (1-4 Credits)  
This 4-week elective complements the ophthalmology program (Physical Diagnosis in the M-II year). The course is designed to present in depth various topics in basic ophthalmic subjects as well as common ocular diseases (cataract, glaucoma, diabetic retinopathy, etc.). Emphasis is placed on detailed instruction on the essentials of the eye exam as well as ongoing research projects in which the student wishes to participate under faculty guidance. The student is introduced to sophisticated examining equipment - slit lamp biomicroscope, retinoscope, tonometer, ultrasound, etc., used in the eye clinic and is expected to learn to use them. There is ample opportunity to see a large number of patients with a variety of ocular pathologies and to observe ophthalmic microsurgery. The student will be expected to attend the weekly clinical grand rounds and didactic lectures while on the rotation. The course is sufficiently in depth to enable a student to further consider ophthalmology as a career choice. It is also invaluable to any student who plans to train in any of the primary care specialties or in another discipline (neurology, neurosurgery) where additional ophthalmology knowledge is essential. Each student will be assigned to a faculty member and will work with all the residents, but may be assigned to one or more residents.
OPTH D672  - Opthalmology  (1-12 Credits)  
In conjunction with the GHS University Medical Center, Southern Eye Associates provides a four week rotation for medical students who wish to become familiar with ophthalmology as a medical and surgical specialty. During the four week rotation, students will have the opportunity to learn the principles of the ophthalmic examination including the use specialized ophthalmic instruments as well as the opportunity to observe surgery. Students will become familiar with outpatient eye care, surgical care of eye patients, diagnostic and therapeutic applications of lasers, fluorescein angiography, ophthalmic emergencies, pediatric care, cataract surgery, and glaucoma. This rotation will also be available to USCSOM third year students for two weeks and will be an abbreviated version.
OPTH D690  - Clinical Opthalmology  (4 Credits)  
OPTH D691  - Clinical Opth Externship  (1-12 Credits)