Health Promotion, Education, and Behavior

Department Admission Requirements

See the Arnold School’s website for details. Admission requirements follow those of The Graduate School and include:

  • a completed application.
  • official transcripts from all post-secondary schools and colleges previously attended, including non-degree courses taken.
  • evidence of academic performance at a B or better level on academic transcripts.
  • three letters of recommendation from academic and/or professional sources.
  • a letter of intent which describes research interests and professional goals.
  • satisfactory score on the TOEFL or the IELTS Intl. Academic Course Type 2 exam for applicants whose native language is not English. The minimum acceptable score on the TOEFL is 80 (Internet-based) or 570 (paper-based). The minimum acceptable overall band score on the IELTS Intl. Academic Course Type 2 exam is 6.5.
  • current resume or curriculum vitae.
  • Doctoral applicants should be supported by at least two HPEB faculty members willing to serve as mentors in order to be admitted into the program.

Graduate Certificate Programs

Applicants to the Graduate Certificate programs must have, at a minimum, a bachelor’s degree and meet the general requirements of The Graduate School. Applicants may request that significant professional experience be substituted for standardized test scores.


Course Title Credits
HPEB 501Human Sexuality Education3
HPEB 502Applied Aspects of Human Nutrition3
HPEB 511Health Promotion in a Changing Society3
HPEB 512Southern Discomfort: Public Health in the American South3
HPEB 513Race, Ethnicity, and Health: Examining Health Inequalities3
HPEB 521The Total School Health Program3
HPEB 540Drug Prevention3
HPEB 542Tobacco Prevention and Control in Public Health3
HPEB 547Consumer Health in Contemporary Society3
HPEB 550Behavioral Concepts and Processes for the Health Professional3
HPEB 551Medical Anthropology: Field Work3
HPEB 552Medical Anthropology3
HPEB 553Community Health3
HPEB 555Managing Stress3
HPEB 560Cooking Up a Storm: Food, Globalization, Localization, and Health in the South3
HPEB 620Nutrition Through the Life Cycle3
HPEB 621Maternal and Child Health3
HPEB 627Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) Health3
HPEB 631Health Promotion for Elementary and Middle School Teachers3
HPEB 640Behavioral Economics in Public Health3
HPEB 653Nutrition Assessment and Counseling3
HPEB 654Maternal and Child Nutrition3
HPEB 674Social Networks, Social Capital, and Health3
HPEB 679Addressing Childhood Obesity through Community Approaches2
HPEB 680Laboratory Techniques in Physiological Measurement3
HPEB 683Contemporary Topics in Sexual Health3
HPEB 684HIV/STI Prevention3
HPEB 690Independent Study1-6
HPEB 700Concepts and Methods in Health Promotion3
HPEB 701Theoretical Foundations of Health Promotion3
HPEB 702Planning Health Promotion Programs3
HPEB 703Public Health Education Seminar1-3
HPEB 704Health Education Research Seminar1
HPEB 705Contemporary Concepts of Health and Health Education3
HPEB 706Consultation in Health Systems3
HPEB 707Health Promotion Research Methods3
HPEB 708Health Education Methods3
HPEB 709Stress and Support Concepts and Management3
HPEB 710Evaluation of Health Promotion Programs3
HPEB 711Applied Health Communication3
HPEB 712Changing Health Practices3
HPEB 713Behavioral Aspects of Physical Activity3
HPEB 715Qualitative Research Methods in Public Health3
HPEB 720Coordinating the School Health Program3
HPEB 722Health Education Curriculum Development3
HPEB 726Prevention of Teen Pregnancy3
HPEB 730Programs for Patient Education3
HPEB 731Health Promotion for Older Adults3
HPEB 742Alcohol, Drugs, and Public Health Policy3
HPEB 748Community Health Development3
HPEB 750Health Implications of Stress and Disease3
HPEB 751Physical Activity and Health3
HPEB 752Nutrition and Public Health3
HPEB 753Obesity and Eating Disorders3
HPEB 754EXSC 700 or HPEB 700 or consent of instructor3
HPEB 760Health Education in Occupational Worksites3
HPEB 769Interdisciplinary Perspectives on Child Abuse and Neglect3
HPEB 770Health Education in Developing Countries3
HPEB 771Socio-Cultural Perspectives on Population Health3
HPEB 772Responding to Global Health Challenges3
HPEB 773International Public Health Seminar1
HPEB 779Injury Prevention and Control3
HPEB 782ATeaching Internship (Health)3
HPEB 782BTeaching Internship (Health)9
HPEB 790Independent Study1-6
HPEB 792Selected Topics in Health Education1-6
HPEB 796Health Education Project1-6
HPEB 797Applied Practice Experience5
HPEB 798APublic Health Practicum Seminar3
HPEB 798BPublic Health Practicum Fieldwork3
HPEB 799Thesis Preparation1-9
HPEB 802Implementing and Monitoring Health Promotion Interventions3
HPEB 810Applied Measurement in Health Education Research3
HPEB 811Advanced Public Health Communication: Theory and Methods3
HPEB 815Theory-Driven Analysis3
HPEB 818Advanced Evaluation of Health Promotion Programs3
HPEB 820Public Health Advocacy and Policy3
HPEB 824Social and Physical Environment Interventions in Health Promotion3
HPEB 899Dissertation Preparation1-12