Athletic Training, M.S.

Program Admission Requirements

Program admission requirements include the successful completion of a bachelor of science degree in a related field from an accredited institution and the following coursework:

Course Title Credits
Biology with lab4
Chemistry with lab4
Physics with lab4
Anatomy and Physiology8
Exercise Physiology 4
Total Credit Hours33

Degree Requirements (67 Hours)

Course Title Credits
First year
BMSC 740Human Anatomy for Health Sciences6
Summer 1
ATEP 700Introduction to Therapeutic Interventions in Athletic Training3
ATEP 701Principles of Evidenced-Based Medicine3
ATEP 702LPrinciples of Athletic Training Lab3
Fall 1
ATEP 748Evaluation and Therapeutic Intervention of Lower Extremity Injuries4
ATEP 748LEvaluation & Therapeutic Intervention of Lower Extremity Injuries Lab1
ATEP 730Behavioral Health and Wellness3
ATEP 711Clinical Experiences in Athletic Training I3
Spring 1
ATEP 712Clinical Experiences in Athletic Training II3
ATEP 749Evaluation and Therapeutic Intervention of Head, Neck and Spine Injuries4
ATEP 749LEvaluation & Therapeutic Intervention of Head, Neck, & Spine Injuries Lab1
ATEP 797Clinical Pathology and Pharmacology in Athletic Training2
ATEP 797LClinical Pathology & Pharmacology in Athletic Training Lab1
PUBH 678Transforming Health Care for the Future1
Credit Hours 38
Second Year
Summer 2
ATEP 750Evaluation and Therapeutic Intervention of Upper Extremity Injuries4
ATEP 750LEvaluation & Therapeutic Intervention of Upper Extremity Injuries Lab1
ATEP 732Emergency Management Practices in Athletic Training3
ATEP 713Clinical Experiences in Athletic Training III3
Fall 2
ATEP 796Athletic Training Administration3
ATEP 741Advanced Clinical Skills in Athletic Training3
ATEP 714Clinical Experiences in Athletic Training IV3
Spring 2
ATEP 715Clinical Experiences in Athletic Training V6
PUBH 700Perspectives in Public Health3
Total Credit Hours67