Nursing Informatics, M.S.N.


  1. Completion of an approved program of study;
  2. Completion of an applied research course, NURS 791 (3), or a thesis, NURS 799 (6);
  3. A GPA of 3.00 (on a 4.00 scale) on all courses attempted for graduate credit and all courses numbered 700 and above;
  4. A GPA of a 3.00 (on a 4.00 scale) on all courses on the approved program of study;
  5. Passing a comprehensive assessment during the last semester of the program. 

Course Requirements

(Total program 33-36 credit hours)

Course Title Credits
ITEC 764Project Management for Health Information3
ITEC 770Health IT Database Systems3
NURS 700Theoretical and Conceptual Foundation for Nursing3
NURS 720Clinical Application of Population Analysis3
NURS 717Application of Basic Statistics for Nursing Practice & Service Management3
NURS 790Research Methods for Nursing3
NURS 791Seminar in Clinical Nursing Research3-6
or NURS 799 Thesis Preparation
NURS 734Conceptual Basis of Health Systems3
NURS 738Financing of Health Care3
NURS 775Foundations in Nursing Informatics3
NURS 777Nursing Informatics Practicum 13
Total Credit Hours33-36

Indicates courses with practicum hours.